Bucher Municipal is a world-leading supplier of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads and other traffic areas. Its range encompasses sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, as well as vehicles for refuse collection and sewer cleaning.


• A solution was required which would manage, track and assess individual competencies, in order to proactively identify training gaps and compliance issues
• The old system relied on time-consuming manual input into forms
• Implement the system on tablets for ease of use in the factory
• An improvement of the current workflow process for approvals and rework was required


• eBMS tailored an extremely flexible ‘Competency Management System’ successfully as per the ‘process story’ and procedural requirements
• eBMS configured and delivered a mobile, flexible and user-friendly system which improved processes and increased workflow efficiencies, including approvals and reporting
• The new Competency Management System also drastically reduced the number of competency forms that were originally envisaged
• The solution offered by eBMS enables Bucher Municipal to self-manage their competency standards without ongoing eBMS involvement


• All competency assessments have now been centralised in one solution in real-time, which involves no manual reworking of forms
• Improved reporting can be done through pre-configured reports and alerts in the dashboard, which automatically highlights expiring competencies and areas that require attention
• The use of the system on tablets has improved administration efficiencies on the factory floor. Individual employees now easily access their records to check their own progress

Competency Management System

The Nimblex Platform tracks and manages the journey your staff needs to take in order to gain new competencies. A Competency Management solution allows you to better demonstrate staff compliance, while also giving your team a clearer understanding of what evaluations are required, to reach the next level of competency.

Customisation to suit your business is the core component of our Nimblex Platform. The workflow rules, reporting, entry fields, automated communication and other features can all be changed to fit your requirements correctly.

Remember that no two Nimblex systems are the same, and that any part of this system can be changed to suit you.

Quality and continuous improvement manager Jason Tisbury: “How did we manage before we had Nimblex? I like it because it is so easy to use. It just works.

“We have over 100 users working in the system every day and I would highly recommend the product and the eBMS team to help any business implement a tailored system to meet their requirements. ”

Plan & Assess

Once you’ve decided which competencies are needed at what level within which departments, you can translate into various assessments as needed.

Progress Dashboards: Assessor, Manager and Staff Member

Nimblex allows all process actors (i.e. assessor, managers, staff members) different dashboard views. This ensures adequate tracking capabilities, with the objective to raise certain competency levels within the organisation.

You can decide to:

• Integrate with other Nimblex Systems: Risk Management, WHS/OHS Incident & Hazard Reporting and HR Management.

• Integrate with other systems:

• Standard integration plugins
• Standard file-based synchronisations
• Custom synchronisation plugins
• Change whatever you want:
• Forms
• Workflow
• Approval process
• Reports

You Dream It, We Create It

Nimblex is an easy-to-use, Australian-made web-based platform, with a unique built-in configuration tool that renders as flexible as playdough. This unique ‘drag & drop’ configuration tool dramatically reduces the costs involved in creating a custom solution.

We Don’t Code We Configure

We have taken the concept of configuration to the next level, giving you:

• Solutions that can be created without coding
• Unprecedented customisation
• Greater affordability and lower risk
• Quick delivery
• Improved efficiency
• The ability to configure your own solutions in the future
• Features such as workflow, business rules, dashboard reporting, audit trails, automated communication, document creation, etc
• Improved standardisation and automation of processes
• Faster digitisation and deployment of mobile devices

We can offer you:

• Compliance management solutions
• KPI dashboard Solutions
• Unique operational solutions
• Job-specific CRMs
• Application management systems
• Rebate solutions
• Asset management