CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. (“CiDRA”) and OZ Minerals Ltd (“OZ Minerals”) are pleased to announce that they have entered a Memorandum of Understanding that provides a basis of common understanding to commission a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for customization and tie-in of CiDRA’s proprietary mineral separation technology for operation in a grind circuit rougher application at OZ Minerals’ Carrapateena Mine Site. At the same time, CiDRA and OZ Minerals have agreed to deploy a demonstration plant based on CiDRA’s technology at the site. CiDRA and OZ Minerals share a desire to increase the technology readiness level (TRL) for a commercial-scale implementation of CiDRA’s technology as a grind circuit rougher which will process a coarse fraction of the primary grind hydrocyclone underflow at Carrapateena. The goals of the Partnership are to increase plant throughput, recovery, and net metal production at a reduced specific energy consumption in keeping with their efforts to help meet the world’s raw material needs in a responsible, equitable, and sustainable way.

“We are excited to take this next step in our relationship with OZ Minerals. Since early 2022, we have been working closely with the Carrapateena Mine Site to evaluate the potential benefits of CiDRA’s technology. This new technology enables a robust process that can recover mineral particles across a size range from ultra-fine to very coarse with high selectivity and minimal hydraulic entrainment. Applying CiDRA’s novel technology as a grind circuit rougher unlocks the concentrator’s throughput capacity while maintaining world-class mineral recovery. The MOU will allow us to collectively focus our efforts to leverage this incredible innovation to enhance the net metal production of the Carrapateena Mine Site and create a tremendous value for each of our companies,” stated Paul Rothman, President of CiDRA.

Joe Seppelt, Manager-Processing at OZ Minerals’ Carrapateena Mine Site stated: “The CiDRA technology can enable us to increase our plant throughput without sacrificing the industry-leading recoveries that we have been able to achieve at Carrapateena. This capital-efficient approach has the potential to operate with less water and energy and with a smaller footprint. We look forward to working with CiDRA to realize the benefits of their innovation.”