CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. is proud to announce its participation in the MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo, taking place from February 25 to February 28 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

At the event, CiDRA will be showcasing its groundbreaking engineered media mineral recovery technology, which draws upon a century of traditional flotation and reagent knowledge while eliminating the process limitations associated with flotation bubbles. This is a transformative development in mineral recovery.

CiDRA’s engineered media represents a significant breakthrough in mineral processing, capable of retrieving coarse particles of up to 2 mm with less than 1% mineral surface expression. Demonstrating unparalleled recovery rates of 85% to 95% for very coarse feed streams, this technology outperforms traditional flotation methods. Notably, these exceptional results are achieved within a remarkably brief retention time of under 3 minutes.

The engineered media, highly hydrophobic with an adjustable contact angle exceeding 135 degrees, seamlessly integrates with traditional flotation pulp chemistries, facilitating easy circuit integration for brown field expansions.

Key advantages of CiDRA’s technology include a remarkable 20% to 40% reduction in grind energy and a potential 40% increase in water recovery. Moreover, the system delivers a high upgrade ratio with comparatively low mass pull.

Strategically applying its novel technology, CiDRA introduces two launch applications: a Grind Circuit Rougher and a Rougher Pre-Cleaner. As a Grind Circuit Rougher, the focus lies in removing coarse material from grind circuit circulating loads, resulting in a notable increase in plant throughput without a corresponding increase in total power consumption. Achieving a groundbreaking 40% reduction in energy consumption per unit ton, this approach enhances plant efficiency significantly.

Functioning as a Rougher Pre-Cleaner, CiDRA’s technology enables mines to attain maximum recoveries from their rougher flotation circuits. The high selectivity and low mass recovery advantages reject unwanted gangue from the rougher concentrate, reducing the rougher mass recovery by 50% while achieving 98% recoveries. This reduction in rougher concentrate mass protects the mines’ existing regrind mill and cleaner circuit, maintaining similar tonnage rates at the same or higher feed grades. By achieving maximum rougher recovery while reducing rougher mass pull by 50% and maintaining recoveries of 90% or more, overall plant recovery increases by up to 10%.

CiDRA’s Grind Circuit Rougher and Rougher Pre-Cleaner both enhance plant throughput, recovery, and net metal production while reducing specific energy consumption. These initiatives align seamlessly with CiDRA’s commitment to responsible, equitable, and sustainable resource utilization, addressing the global demand for raw materials.

About CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc.

CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. remains a trailblazer in innovation within the minerals processing industry, offering advanced technologies such as SONARtrac® Flow & Entrained Air Measurement and CYCLONEtrac® Classification Optimization products, which optimize processes, enhance recoveries, and contribute to sustainable resource management. With a global presence, CiDRA currently serves over 460 mine sites in 46 countries. Visit CiDRA at SME Booth 1249 to explore our full range of product offerings.