Treating water for mining has a wide range of benefits. You might seek a water conditioning solution to remove scale, improve the lifespan of your equipment and reduce odours, for example. But the benefits of enhancing water quality with the right technology don’t stop there: In the end, it can even help boost productivity in your mining operations.

In the mining industry, identifying ways to increase productivity has taken on a renewed importance. According to a global survey by EY, the sector has experienced a decline in productivity in recent years, focusing instead on raising output during a time when commodity prices were high. Now that the mining boom has ended, these companies need long-term solutions rather than simple ways to shave off immediate costs.

The executives who responded to the survey said that ‘productivity is the number one challenge’ in the industry. One of the obstacles the study identified is a lack of innovation, with companies failing to take advantage of new equipment and techniques.

“You do get to a point where, without innovation, there are diminishing returns,” explained one survey participant.

Although revitalising the productivity of the sector will require a multifaceted approach and many types of technology and strategies, every step in the right direction is going to help. Hydrosmart has a proven track record for enabling mining companies to improve their groundwater supplies, remove scale and prevent additional buildup from occurring. This approach has been effective even where chemical solutions have failed to deliver.

What does any of this have to do with productivity? Water quality and flow both have a direct impact on mining operations. Typically, when pipes become clogged with scale or mineral buildup, the flow rates decline significantly, preventing miners from completing their jobs efficiently. Additionally, better water supports the health and safety of miners, which in turn can reduce absenteeism and turnover. These elements all contribute to a more efficient, productive mining operation.