Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd (CST) has recently achieved certification for its belt weighing system with a 0.1 per cent margin of error. Let’s explore why this precision is crucial.

Gaining certification from the International Organisation for Legal Metrology (OIML) opens doors for Australian manufacturers, facilitating the export of measuring instruments worldwide. For CST, securing this esteemed certification was no small feat. Collaborating with the Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI), the company rigorously tested its PFS4-X-CSRR belt weighing system using WIM3.0 and 3.1 electronics (Ma-VIS ARM). In December 2023, the OIML awarded the system Class 0.2 certification, marking a significant achievement.

Ian Burrell, managing director of CST, emphasised the company’s commitment to high accuracy:

“In the OIML system, a 0.1 per cent belt weigher is termed a ‘Class 0.2’ instrument, allowing errors of up to 0.2 per cent in service. However, CST does not accept such deviations. For instance, our system installed in Callao Port, Peru, has consistently operated within 0.1 per cent error for over 18 months without adjustment. This particular system, crucial for loading copper concentrates onto ships, undergoes live load testing every three months according to OIML regulations. Importantly, it has not required adjustment since its initial verification.”

Burrell underscored the significance of certification, attributing it to collaboration between the Australian Government and private industry. “We appreciate the NMI’s support in bringing our entirely Australian-made product to global markets,” he remarked.

CST, headquartered in Revesby, NSW, specialises in various belt weighers, ranging from high-precision 0.1 per cent and 0.25 per cent accuracy systems to process scales, including the world first IntelliRoll belt weigher roller. The company’s dedication to research and development has yielded innovations like the snail cam for idler adjustment, the Non-Intrusive and Close Spaced Roller Rack systems , the Remote Calibration Service and many more.

Among its recent advancements is the calibration dashboard (MaVIS-ARM WIM3), enabling operators to monitor belt weigher calibration status effortlessly. Additionally, the Remote Calibration Service allows CST to conduct maintenance procedures remotely at connected sites worldwide.

“We cater to diverse belt weighing requirements, offering technology selection guidance and comprehensive maintenance support. With offices in Canada, Peru, and Chile, as well as partners in other countries such as Indonesia, Korea and Kazakhstan – along with a robust service team in Australia – CST ensures global accessibility for installations and service.”