Bead damage is a common problem in many operations we encounter and often, unnecessarily, results in many costly earthmover tyres heading for the scrap heap.

We all know that prevention is better than a cure and the same is true of bead damage. Proper training for those mounting and demounting tires; the correct tools and plentiful use of bead lubrication are the key weapons here.

However, what to do when bead damage does occur? If there is no damage to the wire/ cords then the bead is perfectly repairable. The Monaflex XL Bead Repair System offers the perfect repair solution and a unique system for repairing damaged beads on giant radial OTR tyres.

Inflatable Airbags conform perfectly to the Bead and provide the necessary pressure to facilitate the vulcanizing process. Two Monaflex Heat Pads bring the repair up to the required temperature.