If you spend hours scrubbing away with tiny tools to clean hard to reach internal cavities in parts such as carburettors, you should learn about our technologically advanced automotive ultrasonic cleaner. To prolong the lifespan of vehicle components, thorough cleaning during servicing is a necessity, but you don’t need to handle the task manually. Below, we discuss our solutions in more detail before explaining why you should purchase them from the professionals at CleenSonic.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaners

Discuss your needs with our highly knowledgeable employees, and you won’t have to worry about any of the following issues:

  • Wasting time by standing around: An ultrasonic cleaner is like a bath for small parts. You place the components into the tank, and then transducers create vibrations at high frequencies, resulting in the production of millions of vacuum-filled bubbles that shoot out jets of liquid. These bubbles reach every reachable surface of any component, thoroughly cleaning every crevice without causing any damage. Many people think they need to supervise the tank while the process takes place, but you don’t – you can carry out other tasks while the machine does its job.
  • Purchasing the wrong sized tank: We have tanks in a broad range of sizes, each of which serves a different purpose. Instead of buying a tank that’s too large or small for your required application, discuss your needs with our professionals.
  • Investing in poor-quality equipment: A primary benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is that it brings down your electricity costs by up to 45%, resulting in significant savings – provided your tank remains in pristine condition. We source high-grade materials to build machines guaranteed to last.

What sets CleenSonic apart regarding automotive ultrasonic cleaning solutions

We stand out from the competition for reasons such as:

  • We boast a wealth of experience: We established our business off the back of decades of industry experience. If you want to partner with a company that understands everything about ultrasonic cleaning technology, you should choose us.
  • We’re affordable: Not only are our ultrasonic cleaning tanks among the most competitively priced in Australia, but they can also significantly reduce your running costs regarding electricity and detergent usage.
  • We understand your industry: We serve a broad range of sectors across Australia, and thanks to our wealth of experience, we can assess your needs and recommend the most suitable solution for you. Whether you need a tank to thoroughly and safely clean small automotive components or a machine that can handle large equipment, we have the right product for your requirements. Should you need any advice, don’t hesitate to call us.

Why trust Cleensonic regarding automotive ultrasonic

We know that getting to grips with our technology can be challenging, which is why we’re happy to take the time to explain how everything works, allowing you to invest in our solutions with confidence. What we can say for sure is that our ultrasonic cleaning equipment is probably the safest, most affordable and most efficient way to clean automotive components to the highest standards. Find out how our solutions can add value to your business while reducing your running costs and making life more straightforward by contacting us today.