There’s another great Aussie export story in the pipeline with DomeShelter Australia’s continuing success with their Fabric Shelters, now exported to 30 countries.

Designed and manufactured in Western Australia to high Aussie engineering standards, DSA’s shelters are developing a reputation with the worlds leading mining and industrial companies for toughness, durability and suitability.

Recent exports to Latin America, the Middle East and Africa have cemented the company’s position as a leader in the supply of high-quality Fabric Shelters for the mining sector. Used as workshops, warehouses and materials storage these shelters are fast becoming a shelter solution of choice in remote and harsh environments often associated with mining operations.

Offering significant advantages over traditional steel sheds, due to the ease of transport to site, the ease of installation and ability to relocate across or off-site to meet changing work conditions. Fabric Structures are packed in kit form into sea containers for delivery direct to clients sites and can be installed in a matter of days by clients own teams.

The high-quality fabric covering is lightweight and therefore requires less structural support than corrugated iron roofing systems. Up to 1,000m² of fabric roof can be packed into a single sea container, reducing the cost of transport to the site so on-site installation is quicker and easier.

One of the wow factors in these shelters is their durability. Engineered and built to withstand cyclonic conditions, they can confidently be placed in the highest wind regions, including Australia’s cyclone-prone North-West region. Shelters in this region have stood the test of time and endured many cyclones.