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Tiefenbach Control Systems

Electrohydraulic Control Systems for Underground Mines

With nearly 100 staff on its books, Tiefenbach Control Systems is a market leader in the field of electrohydraulic control systems for use in underground mines.

Rombacher Hütte 18A,
44795 Bochum,

Rombacher Hütte 18A,
44795 Bochum,

With nearly 100 staff on its books, Tiefenbach Control Systems is a market leader in the field of electrohydraulic control systems for use in underground mines.

The business developed from the Dr. H. Tiefenbach company, which was founded in 1950, and thanks to its decades of experience it can be considered a reliable partner even for the most demanding tasks.

Part of the influential Knapheide group, Tiefenbach’s steady growth led the company to move to a new 8,000m² headquarters in Bochum in 2008. Easy access to the autobahn and large production and storage areas means we are ready to meet new challenges.

Electrohydraulic control systems for hazardous environmental conditions

Tiefenbach’s products are developed and manufactured for use under extreme conditions.

Complex systems, with integrated solutions, enable us to deliver automated face support in underground mines.

Our hydraulic components are used to make controls for rolling mills, forging presses, and casting plants in the heavy industry. Once these systems are installed, our engineers and mechanics support the operation at the site until it is ensured that the process runs smoothly.

Fast-installation of modular hydraulic and electrohydraulic control systems

Modular design facilitates faster installations and the possibility to extend or retrofit existing set-ups where a client wishes to change from a hydraulic to an electrohydraulic support control system.

From hydraulic pilot controls, via adjacent controls, right through to complex electrohydraulic control systems with radio remote operation, Tiefenbach delivers a broad spectrum of top-end technology.

Control unit for electrohydraulic control systems

Having quick access to all the data from the face area is essential for a safe and economically efficient mining process.

With this in mind, we created a new master control unit with integrated fibre optics interface and four displays.

The unit provides a graphical representation of the longwall face and all information can be displayed in clear text.

Diagnosis and quality control system for mining operation

The shield support is the most expensive piece of equipment in a longwall installation of a hard coal mine.

Economic efficiency of coal mining largely depends on the service life of the support hydraulics which is determined by the use of a perfectly intact hydraulic fluid.

The Tiefenbach diagnosis and quality control system, RECOMATIC®, permits you to permanently monitor levels of pressure.

This fully automatic system analyses the emulsion in the system and based on the values measured determines the HFA concentration and keeps it constant.

Switching from oil hydraulics to water hydraulics

Fire resistance and biodegradability are two obvious advantages of water hydraulics.

The HFA-medium also lends itself for use as hydraulic fluid in the heavy industry where an enormous amount of heat is generated while work is being carried out.

For this reason, the big foundry of an automotive supplier changed from oil hydraulics to water hydraulics made by Tiefenbach – this includes both the hydraulic system for moving the moulding boxes and the drive technology for the tilting furnace.

Design and development of electrohydraulic control systems

Our development departments provide the basis for our work. For us development always means: accepting challenges and being open to new goals and implementations.

In our high-tech products realisation process our employees have state-of-the-art CAD systems as well as design and calculation aids with in-house programs at their disposal.

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