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Midroc Automation

Project Management Services for the Mining Industry

Midroc Automation is a division of Midroc Electro, one of Sweden's leading electrical installation, industrial automation and IT companies.

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Midroc Automation is a division of Midroc Electro, one of Sweden’s leading electrical installation, industrial automation and IT companies. Within our client’s projects we organise everything from electrical installation to workshop assembly. Midroc Automation has an annual turnover of around SEK400m and 140 employees.

Project management services

It has been a while since we were happy with just supplying a control system or switchgear to our industrial customers, but today we can offer so much more. With comprehensive in-house resources we can offer unrivalled levels of cooperation and continuity in our projects. Instead of the customer finding someone to manage the project, power supply, control systems and installation from different suppliers, whilst also contracting a consulting firm to coordinate the delivery, we now undertake every aspect of the project.

Machine and process equipment

As a company we assume responsibility for machine and process equipment. It is only natural to take overall responsibility when our delivery comprises the major part of the function and we possess the necessary solid business know-how.

We help our customers achieve a higher quality end product, increase yield and reduce the utilisation of resources. We know that this has a beneficial impact on the environment and the conservation of the earth’s resources. Success with power and resource optimisation demands highly competent personnel. Midroc has attracted some of the most highly skilled and qualified candidates to work in this demanding industry.

Multi-discipline project management for the mining industry

We have the tools, ability and positive attitude to successfully manage even very large, multi-discipline projects. We call this ‘project capability’, a quality that is decisive in every respect, from mining to refining and from hard rock to diesel.

Midroc Automation has the capability to undertake projects with responsibility for commissioning in accordance with strict deadlines. When we were contracted for the largest investment in LKAB’s history, we had the opportunity to test ourselves and put our project capability skills to a decisive test.

Over the years, LKAB has implemented a comprehensive investment program to increase the extraction of iron ore in Norrland, Sweden. The program included a new concentrating and pelletising plant in Kiruna. Included in the investment, valued at SEK7bn, is a delivery from Midroc Automation of around SEK500m.

Process control systems for the mining industry

The new process control system, delivered by Midroc, is divided into 24 functional areas – each of which is larger than a normal-sized automation project. In addition to the control system, the delivery included workshop assembled cabinets and instruments, power supply, and electrical and instrument installation.

The project in Kiruna included many new and unexpected challenges. First, we had to mobilise our team to deal with the planning, co-ordination and organisation of this project. This is where the corporate culture and ‘Midroc spirit’ played an important role. With a loyal team spirit and a similar positive attitude from LKAB’s personnel, all our energy was directed towards the finish line.

Towards the end, our implementation time had been cut in half compared to the original plans. The constructive collaboration between LKAB and Midroc and their joint decisiveness meant that we succeeded in re-planning and doubling the commissioning manpower. The facilities were commissioned at the agreed time and we were extremely satisfied with the way in which the project had been carried out and concluded.