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Danimex Communication is a global distributor of radio communication solutions, with a special focus on markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Danimex Communication designs, builds and maintains highly sophisticated, functional and manageable network solutions. After doing business for more than 20 years in countries with limited or no infrastructure, we welcome any challenge.

Secure, rugged communication systems

The prime focus in our solutions is security, functionality and ruggedness. These characteristics are found in our choice of products, our network design and in our support planning. We are very much aware that our dedication to quality and service could mean the difference between life and death in a tight situation.

Danimex has come this far through a dedicated effort over a long period of time, where challenges in the various regions of Africa and the Middle East have been faced, and overcome.

Mining communication solutions

A mining project from Danimex will always reflect local physical conditions, mining company policies and procedures, local legal conditions and feasibility studies, leading to our assessment of best practice considering all variables.

Depending on the ambitions and complexity of a project, we typically will have a solution that combines technological platforms without compromising basic security issues. Integrating Tetra, Astro, analog or digital VHF/UHF, HF, CCTV and cell phones is all possible. We offer easy, visual administration and remote maintenance.

Danimex is an experienced user and widely used lecturer on the advanced network solutions offered by Motorola, such as Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect, which are often applied in projects for the mining industry.

Trusted communications supplier

Danimex has earned its position by combining a high technical level with a transparent and ethical way of conducting business. Venturing into the digital age with software-defined solutions stresses the need for Danimex to be a distributor and solution partner that can handle any challenge. Needless to say, Danimex has an AAA financial rating, and is ISO 9001 certified.

Backwards-compatible hardware

At Danimex we introduce the benefits of the new digital age with respect to past investments. Thus, we make an extra effort to utilise existing solutions when adding new advanced features and equipment. Most of our cutting-edge hardware is backward compatible.

This is done by preserving functional parts whenever it makes sense. In this way we secure the investments already made by our customers and improve network performances at the same time, within reasonable budgets.

Fast customer service

The various Danimex sales, design, production and service teams are dedicated to quality in every sense of the word. We provide fast response, sensible solutions and accessibility throughout the project and afterwards. This is how Danimex has earned its merits.

Responsible working practices

It is a rough world out there. Danimex is a survivor, but a quite unusual one. We deal fair and square and take responsibility. Our staff reaches out to all cultures with respect and insight. Our company code of conduct and dedication to corporate responsibility is rooted in the UN Global Compact, and our customers appreciate our trustworthiness and discretion.

Industries supplied by Danimex

Although we do favour the mining industry, we also serve other industries, thus gaining diverse experience, which we utilise in our mining projects. These other industries include government, security, police, fire fighters, surveillance, oil and gas, airport control, disaster management, aid and relief.

Dealers and resellers across the Middle East and Africa

To support and maintain our customers, Danimex has the advantage of local presence provided by branch offices in UAE, Tanzania and Nigeria. Furthermore, more than 100 reseller partners and service shops throughout Africa and the Middle East extend our services to clients in the region.

Communications hardware brands

Danimex is a long time distributor of hardware from Motorola Solutions, awarded for our ability to add further value and create innovative solutions matching the customers’ needs. We are experts in optimising the performance of MOTOTRBO and TETRA systems, and to integrate them with other brands and systems.

Solutions by Danimex will usually include one or more of the following brands: Motorola, Danpoint, Vertex Standard, Cambium, Comtech, Thuraya and Iridium. Other brands may be taken into consideration whenever needed.

Danimex Communication

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