Efficient and durable workshop equipment, lubricants and other mining consumables are essential for mining applications.

Mining consumables are essential components of processing plants and mining operations, while lubricants ensure the workshop and mining equipment can operate smoothly under heavy loads and extreme temperatures, especially in underground mining operations.

Finding suppliers of mining consumables and lubricants

Mining Technology has listed some of the top-rated suppliers of high-performance lubricants, self-contained lubrication solutions, degreasing and separation solutions, equipment protection solutions, extreme-pressure lubricants, synthetic lubricants, and additives, based on our knowledge and technical expertise in the mining sector.

The list also includes suppliers of engine coolants, lubrication systems, anti-corrosion protection solutions, and anti-friction lubricants used in mining applications, as well as providers of maintenance solutions for mining equipment.

The information in the download document is intended for mine supervisors, mining engineers, procurement officers, maintenance engineers and equipment operators.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, as well as contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Types of mining consumables

The mining industry deploys mining consumables for a wide range of applications, including ore processing, drilling and exploration, ore mining, and equipment lubrication. Mining consumables used in the industry include:

  • Oils and lubricants
  • Cable hooks and hangers
  • Hydraulic hoses and fixtures
  • Drill rods
  • Drill and coring bits for exploration
  • Lifters
  • Safety slings
  • Roof bolt spanners
  • Spin adaptors
  • Ventilation strip curtains
  • Explosives and charging sticks
  • Structural supports

The importance of lubricants to the mining industry

Lubricants play a key role in addressing various challenges related to mining equipment, such as protecting mining and processing equipment from wear, moisture, particulates and heavy loads, as well as improving the lifespan and efficiency of equipment used in mining applications.

Lubricants also improve equipment reliability, reduce the costs of the ore mined, and minimise energy losses. There are multiple types of lubricant, including mineral oil-based lubricants, synthetic lubricants, biodegradable lubricants and semi-fluid greases.