Mining tunnels are essential to access, extract and transport underground ores. However, the selection of tunnelling methods and equipment for mining differs, according to geologic conditions and rock and soil types.

Choosing appropriate tunnelling equipment and expert design, engineering and construction services is critical for safe underground mining operations.

Finding tunnel mining equipment suppliers

Mining Technology has listed leading suppliers of tunnelling equipment and services for mining.

The list includes manufacturers and suppliers of tunnel boring, heading and loading machines, raise and shaft boring machines, tunnel excavators, and a range of hydraulic cutting machinery for tunnelling and shaft sinking. Also included are tunnel design, engineering, construction, and servicing specialists, as well as spare parts suppliers for tunnel drilling machines and related equipment.

The information contained within the download document is designed for mining exploration and project directors, mining construction and operations managers, mining and geological engineers, and other individuals involved in underground exploration, mining and construction.

The download contains detailed information on the tunnelling equipment and component suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Tunnel mining equipment and solutions

Mining companies are increasingly adopting mechanised tunnelling and hydraulic rock-cutting techniques in underground construction.

Besides tunnel digging equipment, they require solutions such as mechanical scalers, concrete spraying machines, shaft sinking and caisson excavators, rock bolts, as well as structural synthetic fibre for concrete and shotcrete reinforcement.

Tunnelling equipment and solutions for mining applications include:

  • Hard, mixed, and soft rock tunnel boring machines
  • Mobile tunnel miners with undercutting capability to excavate rectangular, horseshoe or circular tunnels
  • Raise boring, shaft boring and reaming machines
  • Tunnel heading and loading machines
  • Tunnel excavators, transverse cutters and rapid ballast loading machines
  • Crawler machines, scissor lifts, rock bolts and mobile switchgear units
  • Hydraulic cutters for tunnelling and shaft sinking
  • Tunnelling spare parts and cutter wear parts
  • Shotcrete equipment and accessories, and shotcreting engineering and remote shaft lining solutions
  • Telescopic shotcrete and concrete spraying machines