Mining requires quality control and reliable testing and analysis at each critical stage of the process, from exploration and determining the economic viability of discoveries to ore processing and maximising the final product’s quality. 

Detailed spatial knowledge and precise mineralogical and elemental analysis of ore properties are essential for minimising risks when investing to develop a mine. Miners seek innovative technologies to map deposits more quickly and precisely, and to maximise recovery by optimising ore analysis to identify and measure the concentration of each potentially profitable trace metal or mineral. 

Finding testing, analysis and quality control solutions and service providers

Mining Technology has listed the best-rated suppliers of equipment and services for testing, analysis and quality control for mining, based on its intel, insights, and experience in the sector. 

The list includes suppliers of instruments and services for sample preparation and the detailed analysis of elements and minerals in the laboratory, as well as mobile X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers to expedite operations by allowing ore to be analysed on-site. The list also includes suppliers of several other monitoring, measuring, and inspecting instruments used in mining. 

The information in the document is targeted at mining exploration and project directors, professional geologists, geochemists and metallurgists, quality control supervisors, quality assurance managers, mine operations managers, process plant managers, environmental compliance co-ordinators, and other individuals involved in mining exploration, mine feasibility studies, and mining analysis, testing and quality control. 

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their products and services they offer, as well as contact details, to inform your purchasing or hiring decision. 

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Equipment and services for testing, analysis and quality control in mining

Tighter regulations and quality specifications have increased the need for technologies to ensure sample quality, monitoring accuracy and precise ore analysis, and to continuously monitor mining equipment safety standards and the process flow to control ore grades and optimise beneficiation processes. 

Miners also require equipment and processes to reduce the environmental impact of their operations while minimising minerals extraction and energy consumption costs. 

Quality control, testing, analysis and monitoring equipment and services for mining operations include: 

  • Mineral processing laboratory equipment 
  • Portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers 
  • Flexible X-ray diffraction (XRD) solutions for quantitative X-ray mineralogy 
  • 3D measurement and optical probe inspection 
  • Real-time chemical sensors and geochemical analysers 
  • Temperature measurement and control equipment 
  • Online conveyor analysers 
  • Real-time fluid monitoring solutions 
  • Particle size analysers 
  • Cross-belt analysers for meeting process control requirements 
  • Calibration services for electrical and measurement equipment