With mining projects located in remote areas and adverse environmental conditions, the industry requires specialised workforce accommodation solutions and services. Mining accommodation includes temporary exploration and construction camps, as well as permanent housing.

Mine operators look for customised, modern, cost-friendly workforce camps and services that can provide safe and comfortable accommodation for workers, irrespective of the project location.

Finding mining accommodation and camp service providers

Mining Technology has listed leading mining camp suppliers, mining camp service providers, and mine site catering companies.

The list includes the manufacturers and suppliers of customised, state-of-the-art mobile trailers and modular accommodation buildings, as well as remote camp services and mining catering companies.

The download document is designed for mine planners and consultants, mining exploration, construction and project directors, mine operations managers, industrial relations and human resource managers, service engineers and technicians, as well as any other individual involved in project planning, mining accommodation and workforce management.

The document contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details.

Mining camps and catering solutions

Demand is growing for advanced, robust camp designs and structures that are purpose-built, reliable, easy to mobilise, maintain and demobilise and with a smaller carbon footprint.

Quality mining camp services, including on-site catering, food, housekeeping, laundry and facilities maintenance services, are also being increasingly sought after to meet the demands for workers’ wellbeing in remote locations.

Available mining accommodation solutions and camp services include:

  • Permanent and temporary mine workforce accommodation with conveniences such as sleeping quarters, kitchen-dining facilities, laundries, recreation complexes, VIP staff quarters and meeting rooms
  • Build, own, operate (BOO) housing solutions
  • Modern trailer-mounted mobile camps with hydraulic decks
  • Customisable container modules for permanent mining camps or remote camps
  • Prefabricated and transportable modular accommodation buildings, camps and office cabins
  • Rapidly deployable mobile field shelters
  • Construction, management and maintenance of remote mining camps
  • Container conversions for mining accommodation in adverse conditions
  • Steel solutions and fabric structures for mining accommodation buildings and camps
  • Mine-site catering and cleaning services
  • Commercial ovens, countertop cooking equipment and catering appliances
  • Catering equipment leasing and maintenance services
  • Ultrasonic cleaning solutions
  • Facilities management and utility provisions, including power, water, wastewater, and solid waste management services
  • Entertainment solutions for mining workforce