Drilling and blasting are commonly adopted techniques for overburden removal and ore excavation in opencast as well as underground mining operations. Blast hole drilling also constitutes the simplest and the most economical solution for discovering and accessing underground mineral deposits.

Choosing appropriate drill and blast methods is critical to improving mining productivity and increasing profit margins while enhancing worker and environmental safety.

Finding suppliers of mining drilling and blast mining equipment and services

Mining Technology has listed leading suppliers of mining drill and mine blasting equipment and systems, based on its extensive experience in the sector.

The list covers suppliers of a wide range of drill and blast solutions for the mining industry. It includes manufacturers and suppliers of various mining drill and rock blasting machines and components for mining applications.

The list also includes mine blasting and drilling service providers, suppliers of blasting materials, such as bulk emulsions and explosives, as well as vendors of mining drill rig parts and drilling fluids.

The information contained within the download document is useful for mining operation managers, mining exploration geologists, mine planners, engineers and consultants, and any other individual involved in mineral exploration and ore extraction in the mining sector.

The download contains detailed information on drill and blast contractors and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Mine blasting and rock drilling tools and services

Drill and blast equipment and services for the mining industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep-hole drills, reverse circulation drills and pneumatic rock drills
  • Underground coring mobile drill rigs, excavator drills, crawler drills, and bolting rigs
  • Hydraulic drilling and demolition equipment
  • Down-the-hole, water-powered and slot drilling systems
  • Blasthole drilling and surface blast machines and tools
  • Underground drill rig parts, assemblies, and drilling fluids
  • Remote firing devices, explosives, and laser-based measuring equipment
  • Diamond and surface core drilling services for mineral exploration
  • Drill rig repair and refurbishment services
  • Blast optimisation and design services