For an industry that is becoming increasingly interconnected, the growing focus on cybersecurity in mining industry comes as no surprise. The IoT sensors, augmented reality (AR) devices, autonomous vehicles, and drones that improve mining operations are equally capable of halting activity if they fall prey to cyberattacks.

The operational technology (OT) networks of mining operations are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks due to their lower security maturity than corporate networks. As such, mining companies prioritising cybersecurity will invest in a host of solutions to secure their OT networks, such as 24/7 security event monitoring, identity management systems, and staff training. 

Leading miners in cybersecurity 

Mining companies leading in cybersecurity will adopt the latest cybersecurity solutions, establish clear data security practices, and have contingency plans for potential threats. This will involve using solutions from all aspects of the cybersecurity value chain.

All aspects of the cybersecurity for mining value chain are important to keep secure. However, to focus the use of time, skills, and capital, mining companies can prioritise unified threat management software, AI-based threat detection and response software, and all cybersecurity service provisions (managed security services, post-breach response services, and risk and compliance services).

In addition, the use of cybersecurity services can reduce the burden on the internal workforce where there may be a skills shortage as mining companies work on bolstering understanding, awareness, and risk management. 

Leading adopters include Anglo American, Antofagasta, BHP, Fortescue Metals, Kinross Gold, Nippon Steel, Nornickel, POSCO, Rio Tinto, South32, Tata Steel, Teck Resources, and Vedanta.  

Discover the leading cybersecurity companies in mining 

Using its experience in the sector, Mining Technology has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to cybersecurity. 

The information provided in the download document is drafted for mining executives and technology leaders involved in cybersecurity mining solutions. 

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to aid purchase or hiring decisions. 

Amongst the leading cybersecurity suppliers are ABB, Acronis, Aveva, Claroty and Darktrace. 

Future of cybersecurity in the mining industry 

Global cybersecurity spending is headed for strong growth in the first half of the 2020s, increasing from $125.6bn in 2020 to $198bn by 2025. In the mining vertical, global cybersecurity spending has similarly seen a steady growth from $1.6bn in 2020 to $2.5bn by 2025. This growth is driven by mining companies protecting their mission-critical operations from attack and defending sensitive data that competitors, nation-states, or cybercriminals could breach.