Mining control and automation systems are essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a mining site. A mining control system makes processes visible from end to end and delivers real-time information and data on the mining operations.

The automation of control systems and mining operations allows mining companies to gain full control of their fleets, reduce capital and labour costs and improve their energy efficiency.

Discover automated mining equipment suppliers and contractors

Mining Technology has listed the top-rated suppliers and contractors of mining control and automation systems based on its intel, insights and extensive knowledge and experience in the mining sector.

The list includes suppliers of measurement and control systems, automation and safety systems, industrial automation solutions, electrohydraulic control systems, sampling and analysis instruments, digitisation technologies, site monitoring and communication solutions, and process control and instrumentation solutions.

The information in the download document is intended for process control system engineers, electrical, instrumentation and control system project engineers, automation engineers and supervisors, planning and control engineers and specialists, power system engineers, mine management executives, ground control engineers, and process mining consultants and managers.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details, to inform your purchasing decision.

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Process control systems in mining

A mine’s efficient operation depends on the personnel and equipment used to extract minerals and metals. Process control systems help improve the end performance of mine sites by optimising their overall management.

Mining companies use mine control systems to operate and oversee various mining operations by processing information in real-time, fine-tune the production process based on workforce and equipment availability, as well as addressing any potential issues through alarms and fault detection systems.

Automation in underground mining

The importance of automation is becoming increasingly apparent in underground mining as mines become deeper and ore bodies more remote and difficult to reach. Automation in underground mining in the past, however, remained slow due to the dynamic nature of underground operations and difficulties with automating some pieces of equipment.

Mine automation is now progressing and has become more prevalent following the Covid-19 pandemic due to the need to conduct operations remotely. Automated process control systems and underground mining operations offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved safety and working conditions
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Mobile fleet management and better vehicle utilisation
  • Remote mine control operations
  • Production analysis
  • Performance optimisation and enhanced efficiency
  • Compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards

Automated mining equipment means fewer unskilled workers are employed at mine sites and could increase skilled job roles.