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Yoana Cholteeva

Critical lack of critical minerals

According to an IEA report, supplies of critical minerals will need to pick up sharply over the coming decades. We look into the issue.

What is the state of Greenland’s mining politics?

After the Greenland elections delivered a left-wing victory, questions remain for Australian miner Greenland Minerals.

Fuelling infrastructure

President Biden has proposed The American Jobs Plan US infrastructure bill, expected to positively impact commodity markets.

Q&A: Adopting eLearning to help South Africa’s post-pandemic rebound

We speak with Mike Hanly about the mining sector’s opportunities for digitisation and adaptation in the post-coronavirus world.

The travails of coal country

Successive presidents have made big promises to the industry and the people of Appalachia, but communities remain on the brink.

Alrosa introduces nanomarking technology to trace diamonds

Russian diamond miner Alrosa has introduced a new diamond-tracing technology using non-invasive laser marking to allow unique identification.

Man’s world: Are women in artisanal mining still a ‘bad omen’?

Many communities believe women to bring bad luck at mining sites, despite women making up up to half of artisanal miners.

Staff picks: policy changes to revolutionise Australia’s mining sector

With Australia reportedly mulling a net-zero emissions target that could bring its climate goals in line with other countries while also having a major effect on the country’s mining industry, our staff writers each identify one policy they would enact to equip Australia’s mining sector for the challenges ahead.

Out of thin air: tracking underground miners in poor connection areas

A new project developed at Nazarbayev University’s Institute for Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Kazakhstan, could improve the safety of miners underground. The new technology is being developed to determine the location of miners based on an algorithm of available Wi-Fi spot signals and inertial measurement unit sensors. We find out more about the venture.

False start: challenges already for BHP and Vale’s Samarco re-opening

We track BHP and Vale’s efforts to ramp up iron ore production at Samarco and repair their harmed images.