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Q&A: how tech can improve miner health with BridgeHead

Health technology firm BridgeHead has developed a number of solutions to help assist in the management of miners’ health in remote locations. We talk to Georgina Hurst, private healthcare and partners director at BridgeHead, to find out more about the important technologies helping to keep miners safe.

Exit stage left: the big miners moving away from coal

Rio Tinto sold its last coal mines in 2018, becoming the first mining major to go coal-free. Since then other mining companies have followed Rio Tinto’s lead and exited the coal industry; could the days of mining majors investing in coal be numbered? We round up the big names leaving coal behind.

Australia’s mining workforce want list

The Australian Resources and Energy Group has published a report predicting that the sector will need 21,000 new workers by 2024, putting pressure on new and approved mining projects to deliver long-term jobs. We profile the jobs highest on the mining industry’s want list.

Are mining companies jumping the gun on lithium?

Lithium has skyrocketed on the back of huge demand created by the battery industry. While lithium demand shows few signs of slowing down, battery technology is changing at an enormous pace. Projects around the world are exploring alternatives to lithium, promising that a breakthrough is just around the corner. We ask the question: should miners be going all in for lithium?

Q&A: making nickel mining greener with Nornickel

Russian nickel mining company Nornickel has recently taken steps towards reducing emissions at its operations on the Russia-Norway border, and has collaborated with the UN to explore environmentally-sound mining technologies. We sat down with Nornickel vice-president and chief operating officer Sergey Dyachenko to find out more.

Critical minerals and the UK: 5 things to know

A recent report from the UK Office of Science and Technology states that while the UK is dependent on imported critical minerals for a number of sectors there is no specific strategy for their supply, a worrying thought considering the implications of recent trade wars. We take a look at five talking points from the report.

The future of nickel: tensions, trade bans and technology

It’s an interesting time for nickel on the global markets. Prices have risen dramatically despite trade tensions between the US and China, and are expected to explode as Indonesia and the Philippines prepare for nickel export bans. We assess the market dynamics of this important metal.

Eye in the sky: how satellite positioning could help Australian mines

Geoscience Australia has been trialling its Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the last 18 months, and EY has published a report claiming that the tech could be worth A$6bn to the Australian economy if deployed across Australia and New Zealand, promising benefits for the resource sector. We look into the report and finds out more about the potential value of this tech for miners in Australia.

Serious Fraud Office launches bribery investigation into Glencore

The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced that it has opened an investigation into suspicions of bribery at British-Swiss mining multinational Glencore.

Going green: renewable energy projects at mines around the world

Mining is one of the most energy-intensive industries on the planet, but it is also one of the most important, with commodities from base metals to rare earths in high demand. Many mining companies have however begun incorporating renewable power sources into their operations, offsetting some of the carbon costs of mining. Umar Ali profiles some of these green mining projects.