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Tackling mining corruption with tech in India

Corruption, fraud and illegal mining are persistent problems for the mining industry in Indian states such as Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. While policing and government reforms can help to tackle these issues, the industry is increasingly turning to sophisticated sensor-based tracking systems to improve transparency in the management and transport of mining commodities.

As the death toll rises, is Russia failing its coal miners?

Russia’s coal mining industry is in mourning after a series of methane explosions at a mine near the northern town of Vorkuta claimed 36 lives in February, including six rescue workers. The country’s coal mining sector has a troubled safety record, with the Raspadskaya mine explosion in 2010 proving even deadlier. Will this latest tragedy prompt decisive action to improve safety for Russian miners?

Gold prices on the rise: what does this mean for miners?

Rising gold prices are providing a ray of light for a mining sector that is struggling to cope with a commodity slump. Australian gold production has risen to a 12-year high as mothballed mines are brought back online, while high-cost South African gold operations have received a boost as the rand plunges against the dollar. Why is gold the best-performing commodity of early 2016, and what effects could this have on the industry?

Walking the tightrope: Madagascar balances mining and the environment

Madagascar is home to enormous nickel deposits and the giant Ambatovy mine, one of the largest mines and integrated metallurgical sites in the world. But how has the mining of nickel affected the fortunes of this poor country and what impact has it had on its fragile environment?

Innovate or perish: Austmine launches METS sector mentoring programme

Australian mining equipment, technology and services association Austmine has launched the Innovation Mentoring in METS programme, which aims to help foster development in the sector. Can creating a new generation of innovators help mining claw its way out of the current crisis?

Oyu Tolgoi: light at the end of the tunnel?

Mongolian mine Oyu Tolgoi is the largest undeveloped copper-gold mine in the world and has finally secured funding to go ahead after years of setbacks. How was the deal struck in a climate of declining copper and gold prices, and could it be a sign of recovery for mining in the region?

Keeping coal alive: the UK’s coal mining museum welcomes new director

The National Coal Mining Museum of England has appointed Mike Benson, an ex-steel worker, as its new director, weeks after the closure of the last deep-cast coal mine in the UK. Benson discusses his plans to keep the museum up-to-date and an asset to the community in troubled times.