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Saleem Khawaja

Global demand for green minerals is rising 

Electric vehicles and other battery-powered machinery has explosively increased the need for green and rare earth minerals in the drive to a net zero future for the world.

Improving personnel and material handling in mines with ground rail transport solutions

Ferrit has a wide range of ground rail systems that are efficient, economical, and can shift heavy loads over a longer lifetime.

Efficient suspended monorail locomotive transportation systems for underground mines

Ferrit has a broad range of transportation systems and accessories to provide comprehensive logistic options for mines.

Margin not cost: why there’s more than one way to skin the margin cat

Andrew Hall, David Vink and Francis McCann of AMC Consultants address why the global mining industry must change its mindset to reach future profitability.

Why Ferrit’s mining wheeled loader range is a world leader for underground mines

The DNK-10, DNK-14, and DNK-17 LHD loaders from Ferrit are available with a range of standard features and optional equipment to meet any mine’s requirements for material transportation.

Safe and sustainable transportation: equalising the opportunities

Max Verberne, GM of Aftermarket at Seeing Machines, discusses how technology is the key to helping the transport sector become more sustainable – and safer.

Ocean-going dredge pumps: the market now and the future

The dredge pump market is increasingly buoyant as the world undergoes urbanisation, industrialisation, and a rise in agricultural production – plus growing environmental protection concerns.

AVEVA data integration: challenging data captures

On premises and cloud-based data archiving for condition monitoring in mining.