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An industry-led revolution? Inside the Minerals Council’s net-zero pledge

Following the Minerals Council of Australia’s net zero pledge, we take a look at the progress made so far, and whether the mining sector could create real change.

Debate: can tech giants like Tesla and Apple change mining for the better?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly considering taking the company into the mining business to gain more control over its supply chain and the scalability of raw materials for its electric car and battery work. Amid the backdrop of expected global shortages of key components in the future, will tech companies like Tesla and Apple get involved in mining projects themselves, or should they invest in better monitoring and collaboration with mining partners?

Deepsea mining: the environmental debate

Is deepsea mining justified, and can it be made safe? A host of companies are pursuing ocean mining as a lucrative source of minerals critical to the technologies we depend on, but international criticism is building as concerns over ecological damage and questions marks over accountability stack up. Our senior energy writers Molly Lempriere and JP Casey debate the issues at hand.

Hands on the wheel: how the rapidly evolving auto industry is changing mining forever

While the auto industry has never stood still, the rise of electric vehicles and emergence of a new middle class in countries like India and China is changing the industry at a much faster pace than ever before, sending shockwaves through the mining world. Molly Lempriere and Jack Unwin take a close look at the modern relationship between the industries and ask, what does the future hold?

A fractured world: new issue of Mine Magazine out now

In this issue: we look at the impact international relations have on mining, the deepsea mining debate, how behavioural science can improve safety, and more.

Kick-starting Australia’s sapphire industry: read this and more in the new issue of MINE Australia

In this issue: we look at the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive, the safety of tailings dams, implementing industrial manslaughter laws in Queensland and more.

Times are changing: a history of the London Metal Exchange

In May, the 142-year-old London Metal Exchange appointed former banker Gay Huey Evans as chair of the board, the first female to hold the prestigious role. But that’s not all that’s changed at this venerable institution. To find out more, we look back at the notable events in its history.

The complexities of military involvement in mining: new issue of Mine Magazine out now

In this issue: a look at the fortunes of silver, the positives of ASM, the complexities of military becoming involved in mining operations, and more.

The new Eldorado: new issue of Mine Magazine out now

In this issue: deepsea mining and technologies being developed for it, turning around Mexico’s mining meltdown, a look at the history of the LME, and more.

Surviving the Australian climate debate: read this and more in the new issue of MINE Australia

In this issue: a look at the mining sector following the recent election, BHP the world’s most valuable mining brand, mining legend Sir Arvi Parbo’s life and more.