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Laura Husband

MINE digital magazine: Issue 8

In this issue: We profile technologies that can increase the lifespan of OTR tyres, examine an automated system that promises quicker and safer mineshaft inspections, investigate the future of Mongolia and Goa’s mining industries, plus more.

MINE digital magazine: Issue 7

In this issue: We find out if innovative drilling technology could revolutionise operations at AngloGold’s South African mines, compare gold commodities with silver, examine the race for rare earth metals, delve into Greek’s troubled mining industry, plus more.

MINE digital magazine: Issue 2

In this issue: The industry’s best safety technology, a world-first mobile gas lab, post-accident wireless communication, minerals of the future, soil restoration, and more.

MINE: The new digital magazine for the mining industry

Our new magazine launches with a look at the ultimate mining machinery, breakthroughs in autonomous systems, the vast resources of the BRICS countries and Mongolia, Australia’s skills shortage, and more.