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3D printing parts for remote mines: read more in the new issue of MINE Australia

In this issue: The fortunes of mining in Tasmania, a closer look at Australia’s supermines, how the North Australia Infrastructure Fund is helping projects get off the ground, using drones to map underground tunnels, and more.

Using blockchain to detect fakes: read this and more in the new issue of MINE

In this issue: Is it better to build or buy a mine in the future, De Beers’ end-to-end diamond blockchain programme, Newfoundland and Labrador’s plan to grow its mining sector, giving miners across the world a voice, and more.

Belt and Road: find out how China’s plans will affect global copper in the latest MINE Magazine

In this issue: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the global demand for copper, how Nornickel is embracing digital technologies, the main objectives of the Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles programme, and more.

MINE Australia – Issue 3

In this issue: Australia’s new MinEx Cooperative Research Centre, strong forecast for metallurgical coal in Asia, mining the world’s meteor craters, a new downward-looking telescope that identifies strategic minerals, and more.

MINE Magazine Issue 76

In this issue: The final shape of South Africa’s mining charter, scrapping traceability fees in Rwanda, the Barrick-Randgold mega merger, the problem with developing uranium projects, using microwave energy in mineral extraction, and more.

MINE Magazine Issue 75

In this issue: Mining for diamonds on the sea floor, opportunities for driverless vehicles, a closer look at the commodity antimony, creating real-time 3D visualisation for mines, the new Mandela mining precinct in South Africa, and more.

MINE Magazine Issue 74

In this issue: Reviving gold mining in Wales, opening up the lithium triangle in South America, using big data to find minerals, a look inside the world’s first fully automated mine, the possibility of mining asteroids, and more.

MINE Australia – Issue 2

In this issue: Junior mining companies leading the charge in Australia, Volvo’s plans to use 5G mobile technology in autonomous operations, how miners can protect wildlife, the problem of recruiting staff to operations, and more.

MINE Magazine Issue 73

In this issue: Corruption in the gold mining supply chain in South America, new potential for graphene and graphite, why Mozambique is experiencing a mining boom, best practices for containing coal dust, and more.

MINE Magazine Issue 72

In this issue: Preparing mining companies for cyberattacks, a pilot using 5G mobile technology for industrial applications, opening up North Korea’s mineral resources, critical minerals in the US, and more.