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Hands across the Pacific: Australian miners look to North America

Market forces and a growing US-Australia critical minerals partnership are bringing North America into sharp focus as an investment destination for Australian miners.

The end of the road for Alaska’s Pebble Mine project

South-western Alaska’s Pebble deposit holds world-class resources of copper, gold, silver, rhenium and more, but the project to develop it has been mired in controversy in years, with many issues building to a head in 2020. What are the key points of contention in the Pebble Mine debate?

International arbitration: the key themes leading to mining disputes

Mining projects present a cluster of risks, with many sources of potential disputes between miners, their partners and host nations. What are some of the leading drivers of international arbitration proceedings in the mining industry?

Equatorial Guinea: the first wave of modern mineral exploration

Equatorial Guinea has awarded 15 blocks in its first-ever licensing round for mining. Chris Lo asks, what is Equatorial Guinea’s mineral potential, and could widespread criticism over corruption and human rights violations stand in the way of building a fair and profitable mining industry in the country?

Talking mining disputes with Faegre Drinker’s Adrian Jones

International arbitration is a common path for resolving disputes in the mining industry, but what are the common sources of disagreements in the sector, and how does the arbitration process work? Adrian Jones, partner at law firm Faegre Drinker, lends his insight.

Dam straight: Australian miners reflect on safe tailings management

Another deadly tailings dam disaster in Brazil has prompted soul-searching in the wider industry. In a well-regulated and mature market like Australia, Chris Lo asks, is the mining sector taking proper stock of its tailings management practices?

Sir Arvi Parbo: the life and career of an Aussie mining legend

In May the Australian mining sector mourned the passing of Sir Arvi Parbo, a titan of industry who started at the bottom as an Estonian immigrant after the Second World War and eventually sat as chairman of some of the country’s largest mining firms. What have been the major career milestones of a man described as “a lifelong pillar of Australian mining”?

Companies leading the way in copper mining tech

Copper demand is set to rise steadily with the electrification of energy and transport systems. How are different parts of the copper industry responding to this growing demand while improving their efficiency and sustainability credentials?

Development hell: uranium projects caught at a market crossroad

The uranium market is prompting cautious optimism for observers after a 30% price rally since spring 2018, but developing a uranium mine remains a risky proposition for a host of reasons. With the market at a crossroads and high-profile mining projects encountering difficulties at various stages of development, is the optimism justified?

A new dimension: bringing mine sites to life in 3D

Visualisation specialist LlamaZOO has partnered with mining tech firm Maptek to combine their expertise and bring advanced 3D visualisation functions to the mining sector. What will this project bring to the visualisation space, and what is the value of visualising mine data at the enterprise level?