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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Will the new Rare Earth Industry Association reshape the industry?

Said to be the most contentious of all the metals mined, the rare earth industry has never been so buoyant, but the challenges it faces are clear. Until now it has not had one global voice. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks with its Gwendolyn Bailey, project associate at the recent launch of the Rare Earth Industry Association, to find out how that is set to change.

Can behavioural science create a safer mining industry?

A team of behavioural scientists spoke to thousands of people working in mining in order to identify factors that impact cultures around safety. Andrew Tunnicliffe spoke to Dr Emily Haas of NIOSH to found out how their research can improve communication, and ultimately save lives.

Can mining survive the Australian climate change debate?

Australian’s have long made a living from what’s underground. The mining sector is a vital part of its economy, but it has its critics. Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with Minerals Council of Australia’s CEO, Tania Constable, about the sector’s future potential, its action on climate change and the re-election of Scott Morrison and the Liberal-National coalition.

Olive Downs and the call for clarity in Queensland mining

With Olive Downs open-cast mine almost certain to receive final approval in the coming months, Queensland’s mining future looks secure. Andrew Tunnicliffe speak with Queensland Resource Council’s Ian Macfarlane about the importance of mining to the state and how regional and national policymakers should continue to recognise the crucial role it plays.