• Is state-funded mining making a comeback?

    Australia and Canada recently announced large state investments into privately owned mining projects, hinting at a need for dependable access to mineral resources. Are other nations likely to follow suit?

  • Introducing HyLogger: Mineral analysis without delay

    Australian scientific research agency CSIRO has licensed HyLogger, its mineral analysis technology, to METS group Corescan. Using hyper-spectral imaging, it has the potential to make logging drill cores faster and...

  • MINE digital magazine: Issue 60

    In this issue: Boosting black ownership, corruption in Uganda, seafloor mining, automated drill rigs, real-time ore analysis, mine rescue response procedures, and more

  • Seafloor mining: the DeepGreen method

    As resources dwindle, mining companies are increasingly looking to the sea to provide the minerals and metals we need. Environmental concerns hang heavy over deepsea mining, but Canadian company DeepGreen...

  • MINE digital magazine: Issue 59

    In this issue: France’s President of industry, the South Australian Iron Road, legitimising mica in India, De Beers to go carbon neutral, ICMM talks falling fatalities, the shrinking talent pool,...