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Pressure Filters, Filter Plates and Separation Equipment

Micronics Filtration offers a full range of pressure filters and ancillary products including manual, semi-automatic and automatic pressure filters. Micronics provides an extensive range of filter cloth and polypropylene filter plates.

Micronics is dedicated to serving the mining industry by developing high-performance, innovative and reliable separation solutions, which provide intelligent options for the many types of liquid-solid separation requirements.

Micronics markets the highly successful Ishigaki fully automatic LASTA press.

Ishigaki LASTA presses

LASTA presses are designed for fast cycling slurries and discharge of all filter cakes at the same time. This unique features decreases cake discharge cycles and provides the highest productivity for mining and mineral concentrates.

Automatic pressure filters

LASTA MC model automatic pressure filters run in many of the world’s mining and metallurgical operations specifically targeting zinc and copper concentrate applications. LASTA ISD models incorporate a unique, separately driven, travelling cloth mechanism for cake discharge and improved filter cloth cleaning capability. The largest machines installed in the world dewater coal fines in South Africa.

Semi-automatic filter presses

A range of filters from small inexpensive solutions to larger high capacity machines are manufactured to incorporate Micronics' highly successful hydraulic plate shifting system. Simple plate separation can be enhanced by hold-back carriages for sticky cakes and bump shifting to assist cake discharge.

For smaller applications requiring operation without attendance the Micronics Rollbar press provides a low maintenance operation fully integrated into the PLC control.

Micronics dehydry vacuum filter

Vacuum assisted filters improve the drying efficiency of filter presses by the use of heated membrane plates and flash removal of cake moisture, resulting in a controlled moisture content including bone dry material if required.

Filter plates

Micronics supplies polypropylene, Kynar and membrane elements for retrofit to any filter press machine manufactured. Technical support is available to review applications and mechanical design improvements and Micronics engineers travel throughout the world providing customer service. The plate range includes recessed, CGR (gasketed), and membrane (fixed and replaceable) from 250mm to 2m x 2m.

Filter cloth

Monofilament, multifilament and mixed yarn filter cloths are produced for all brands and sizes of filter presses as well as pressure leaf, vacuum filter, Kelly bags and filter belts.

Mining concentrates are highly abrasive, and due to high filtration velocities and the high cycle requirements demanded require heavy duty media specifically woven for the end use. Micronics' extensive knowledge of many types of concentrate filters ensures the correct cloth selection may be engineered.

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