AMC's 10X Performance Diagnostics™
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AMC’s 10X Performance Diagnostics™

29 Sep 2021 (Last Updated October 21st, 2021 09:46)

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In this short explainer video, Director / Executive Lead Advisory, Andrew Hall explains what AMC’s 10X Performance Diagnostics™ is and how it uses data to let clients know where they’re performing well, where their blind spots are, and more importantly, how to improve — with confidence.

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Recent advances in underground mining technology

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in mining technology

Australian underground mines are at the leading edge of performance. But it’s a fast-moving industry, and significant changes have taken place in recent years.

The industry has invested heavily in the development and implementation of new mining technologies, with a focus on digitization and automation. This has led to significant improvements to mechanized underground mining productivity.

This whitepaper focuses on the four key mechanised mining activities: jumbo development, long-hole drilling, LHDs, and decline trucking. It contains a detailed productivity and cost analysis plus descriptions of recent adaptations to mining systems and practices. The analysis looks at productivity data from two distinct periods, 2000–04 and 2015–19, drawn from AMC’s unique SmartData™ system, the world’s most comprehensive mining knowledgebase.

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