8 questions to ask about business improvement
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8 questions to ask about business improvement

27 May 2021 (Last Updated May 27th, 2021 13:52)

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AMC’s business improvement services have delivered successful outcomes to our clients on more than 200 projects worldwide. Our tailored approach combines extensive practical mining experience with proven proprietary business improvement techniques and information. Our services extend from strategy reviews and optimization through to comprehensive operational improvement assessments and implementation support, and incorporate the full range of management, technical, operational and organizational aspects.


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The value of new technologies in underground mining in Australia Promises and reality

Significant changes have taken place in underground hard-rock mining in the recent past. Australian underground mines are currently at the leading edge in many areas of performance. In particular, mechanized underground mining productivities, including jumbo development advance rates, long hole drilling, and decline trucking. Substantial time, resource and cost have been invested to develop and implement new technologies, including increased digitization and automation.

Using analysis of AMC’s unique mining database, this whitepaper reviews cost and productivity data from two distinct periods (2000 to 2004 and 2015 to 2019) to assess the impact of technology.It includes detailed information on mine productivity and costs, as well as knowledge of mining operating systems and practices. The productivity analysis looks at the four key mechanized mining activities of jumbo development, long-hole drilling, load-haul-dump machines (LHDs), and trucking.

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