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25 Mar 2021

Wearable Technology: Regulatory Trends

Regulations surrounding wearables are in flux. While some regulatory agencies view wearables as low-risk devices and avoid regulatory tagging, some are clearly ignorant of the potential security issues associated with…

24 Mar 2021

Wearable Technology: Macroeconomic Trends

Wearables are rapidly evolving into essential tools in the expanding the internet of things (IoT) landscape, including mining equipment. Aided by advancements in sensors, active materials, wireless connectivity, and batteries,…

23 Mar 2021

Wearable Technology: Technology Trends

Wearable devices are able to capture vital statistics of the field workforce and monitor health conditions and transmit these to command centres in real-time. Technology Trends Listed below are the…

22 Mar 2021

Wearable Technology: Impact of Wearable Tech in mining

A range of wearable tech devices can assist with improving safety, but the principal method is through the addition of sensors. Whether they are incorporated through smart helmets, smart jackets…