McLaren Applied is a British technology and engineering firm that leverages its long history in motorsport to provide solutions to the automotive, transport and mining sectors.

The company is a Category Award Winner for Business Expansion and Product Launches in the 2023 Mining Technology Excellence Awards following the launch of a new 5G intelligent edge antenna, and the further development of its Fuel Analytics solution to aid decarbonization.

A noteworthy product launch in 2023 was the company’s Halo 300 5G intelligent edge antenna. Designed for moving vehicles, the antenna provides enhanced connectivity over existing solutions in a compact package, removing the need for additional bulky hardware and delivering considerable time and cost savings. A reliable uplink enables the likes of real-time remote monitoring, vehicle diagnostics and fleet optimization.

Key features include a single hold mounting for easy installation, 2 cellular modems, 2 sim slots, power for additional applications and a CANBUS interface. In addition, in-built edge computing capabilities enable customer, third party or McLaren Applied applications to be run in a secure, managed environment. These can range from captive portals, to remote condition monitoring applications, to AI based video analytics.

It is designed to also fit with and support anticipated technology trends such as autonomous driving and software defined vehicles.

The antenna comes with the company’s Fleet Connect software built in, which was originally developed in Formula 1. The platform splits data across networks in real time, joining it back in the cloud increasing bandwith and data throughput and reduces blackspots.

Halo 300 5G intelligent edge antenna

The company’s F1 experience has also been put to good use in developing its Fuel Analytics solution. The ability to accurately track fuel consumption in racing cars has been transferred allowing mining companies to track consumption in their vehicle fleets and provide advanced analytics-based recommendations to each driver to create an ideal operator.

According to the company, 25-30% of a mine’s operational costs are fuel and 60%-70% of these fuel costs are attributable to Load Haul Dump (LHD) activities alone. Therefore, a mine with 75 haul trucks can consume up to 32.8 million liters of fuel per year costing £22.6m.

With McLaren Applied’s Fuel Analytics companies can reduce their fuel consumption by up to 9%, leading to substantial financial savings, particularly when the system is utilized across multiple sites.

Greater fuel efficiency also reduces carbon emissions, a factor that is becoming ever more important as mining companies look to decarbonize their operations. McLaren Applied’s platform allows companies to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 5% just by reducing fuel consumption.

Click here to download a case study about the fuel and carbon savings achieved by our customer PAMA.

Company Profile

More than three decades in F1 and other cutting-edge global motorsport have given McLaren Applied world-leading expertise in electrification, connectivity, control and sensing. This expertise is also applied to automotive, transport and mining sectors, delivering technologies at scale with a performance advantage.

McLaren Applied leverages its 30-plus year heritage in motorsport to enable more intelligent and connected approach for a wide-range of moving vehicles. Our 5G intelligent edge antennas and F1-derived software deliver the most stable and performant connectivity. Our data analytics expertise enables mining companies to accelerate decarbonization of their operations through fuel savings.

Our peoples’ expertise, coupled with our technology and agility, is pioneering a more sustainable, intelligent and connected future.

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