The International Energy Agency said in its first Africa Energy Outlook that it expects the continent’s electricity generation to quadruple by 2040 with gas-to-power growing its share to 25% from the current 17%; the long term market for gas in Southern Africa is likely to be strong as the Region’s energy needs continue to grow together with the push to lower CO2 levels in power generation.

Recent discoveries of major gas and oil deposits in southern Africa could dramatically improve the prospects for southern African countries, including reducing imports and driving economic growth.

So, how gas will affect Southern Africa’s power generation and its energy options? Is gas the game changer industry players make it to be?

The gas industry has been identified as one of the main contributors for future energy generation; however its future development is not without challenges – regulatory frameworks, under-developed infrastructure of distribution pipelines, environmental and technological risks, commercial issues, investments.

The Onshore Gas Africa conference will explore these challenges together with the opportunities created by natural gas, shale gas, coal bed methane, underground coal gasification as alternative energy sources to coal-fired power stations.