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Ultra Control Valves offers a complete range of pipeline solutions, including slurry processing and knife gate valves for mining applications.

Easy implementation and maintenance enable you to minimise procurement, installation and maintenance costs.

Our unique processes reduce water and energy consumption while stabilising water flow, resulting in a more efficient system with minimal non-revenue water loss and maintenance costs.

Automatic control valves for mining applications

The new Ultra ACV Automatic Water Control Valve is a globe style, diaphragm actuated, hydraulic pilot-operated control device.

Made from cast steel with a fusion-bonded epoxy coating, its globe design makes it suitable for fluid regulation applications. Its simple design ensures a reliable and trouble-free valve life and has been proven to be superior to Y-Pattern single bearing designs, which experience early bearing wear and subsequent faulty operation.

Our Ultra ACV valves offer a long service life and minimal maintenance under adverse conditions in southern Africa. For more challenging applications, we offer our stainless-steel valve, which is a cost-effective alternative for water containing high and low pH levels.

High-performance knife gate valves

Ultra Control Valves’ high-quality ultra and bevel gear drive slurry knife gate valves feature an easy-to-replace removable seal, which alleviates on-site maintenance.

The sealing is available with either a metal-to-metal or a soft polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seal. An O-Ring behind the seal carriage provides a pre-loading ability to ensure the seal is tight. This function also compensates for long-term wear and prolongs the valve’s life.

The valve outlet has a full bore design, so the flow path prevents slurry from filling up the groove due to a flushing action during closing. This design also ensures full support of the blade throughout its stroke.

The adjustable gland seal around the blade features a stuffing box design and can easily be replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline, which significantly reduces maintenance downtime. The valve stem has a double bearing in the top section (topworks) to reduce operating torque.

Knife gate valves for processing slurries

Ultra Control Valves’ knife gate valves handle slurries and fibrous media in the mining and paper industries as they have the ability to cut through the medium to attain a seal.

Our knife gate valves have short face-to-face dimensions, which makes them convenient for installation in plants with restricted space.

They are also easy-to-operate with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators to enable efficient plant automation.

Our knife gate valves can be purchased with a ceramic lining and a seat protection cone.

Valve support services

Ultra Control Valves is committed to offering superior pre-sales (application support and consulting) and after-sales (commissioning and troubleshooting) customer service.

Our qualified and experienced sales engineers provide specification assistance and analyse system conditions to recommend the most suitable valve for customer application.

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