Protected: Infracorr Asset and Structural Optimisation Solutions for Mining Applications

Infracorr supplies asset repair and durability services for the mining industry.

We focus on optimising the service life of structural assets with innovative condition assessment and design solutions.

We also utilise state-of-the-art non-destructive tools to investigate and remotely monitor repair and protection systems with equipment that provide highly accurate data in real-time.

Asset optimisation services for the mining sector

Infracorr aims to enhance operations within the mining industry by protecting assets, as well as minimising shutdown periods and downtime.

We also:

  • Design solutions that can be constructed in short timeframes
  • Ensure solutions can be carried out while the site is operational
  • Identify hidden deterioration and design a custom remedial solution

Investigational technologies and corrosion protection systems

Infracorr offers cost-effective investigation and remediation solutions such as innovative testing technology, corrosion protection systems and remote monitoring systems for cathodic protection equipment.

We perform infrastructure condition assessments to determine the cause and/or the risk of deterioration, as well as the remaining service life of affected assets.

Our products also reduce costs and potential occupational health and safety (OHS) risks related to ongoing inspection and performance monitoring applications.

Failure analysis and forensic engineering services

Infracorr combines in-house techniques and independent laboratory testing to define the cause of equipment incidents and failures.

Our engineering experience enables us to identify factors that may contribute to a failure or incident such as material defects, process conditions, environmental influences and mechanical loads.

We also perform non-destructive testing of concrete, metals and protective coatings, as well as monitor structural vibrations, impacts and cathodic protection systems.

Infracorr’s investigative services also enable you to determine fault or liability to make recommendations for repairs or replacements or provide evidence in legal disputes.

Our experience in the Australian materials engineering and corrosion sectors also enables Infracorr to act as an expert technical witness or arrange expert reports, especially in corrosion-related disputes.

Repair design capabilities

Infracorr plans and specifies remedial and repair solutions, including preventative maintenance, structural strengthening and full rehabilitation or remediation.

We perform traditional repairs, electrochemical treatments for corrosion prevention and a selection of appropriate protective coatings.

Our design capabilities involve a range of services such as:

  • Non-standard and innovative solutions that meet particular project requirements
  • Undertaking proof of concept installations and repairs
  • Undertaking trial installations or repairs for optimal technical design, project costs and length, etc.

On-site structural monitoring support

Infracorr’s support services range from asset condition assessment investigations, inspection and maintenance plans, and specialised monitoring services.

We perform on-site monitoring and assessment of cathodic protection systems across Australia, as well as implement remote monitoring systems to optimise corrosion mitigation systems.

By integrating our structural deterioration experience with monitoring technology, Infracorr can also provide asset optimisation and management support.

Consultancy and support services

With decades of experience in structural repair, protection and overhaul, Infracorr ensures that remediation projects deliver the necessary outcome and service life.

Our consultancy services allow us to offer specific industry-leading advice and solutions and we are consistently identifying new technologies that can offer a better solution to your issue.

Infracorr’s range of project support services include the development of quality assurance documentation, contractor training, and construction and testing supervision to ensure all assets adhere to your technical specifications.

About Infracorr

Infracorr offers extensive experience and expertise in infrastructure repair and durability on buildings, bridges, industrial structures and wharves.

With state-of-the-art technologies, innovative solutions and a skilled team of civil, mechanical, material and structural engineers, we offer high-quality asset repair and protection services.

Established more than 15 years ago, the company was originally known as Ian Godson & Associates before being rebranded as Infracorr in 2011.

We currently have offices in Victoria and New South Wales and are associated with organisations such as Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA), Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA), and the Institution of Engineers Australia (IEA).


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