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Tailored Logistics Services for the Mining Industry

34 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery,NSW 2018, Australia

EMO Trans provides custom-designed logistics services to global industries.

Experienced in all aspects of maritime regulations and requirements, we have built strong and lasting relationships with the world’s premier air carriers in order to provide you with the best service.

We aim to use our experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver an exceptional service that is tailored to the customer.

Logistics services for the mining industry

EMO Trans’ extensive portfolio of air, sea and land-based logistics services is designed for handling a wide range of cargo such as valuables and dangerous goods.

We offer multi-modal freight forwarding, in-house customs brokerage, project logistics and ship or aircraft charters.

EMO Trans provides dust-free, warehousing or temperature-controlled storage solutions, as well as bonded secure storage with 24-hour on-site security personnel matched with state-of-the-art monitoring and alarm systems.

Our third-party logistics (3PL) operations include full electronic data interchange (EDI) capability for department or chain store orders, as well as accurate real-time inventory management.

Specialised cargo handling services

EMO Trans is experienced in handling cargo shipments comprising sensitive materials or heavy-duty equipment.

We offer an extensive range of specialised services to move, handle, pack, store and distribute securely and safely to your requirements. Our portfolio can effectively handle cargo such as time and temperature-sensitive radioisotope medicines, heavy construction equipment, state-of-the-art electronics and jet engines.

Logistics for large-scale projects

Whether it be a new build, a ship or barge charter, an aircraft charter or an ultra-heavyweight truck and placement project, EMO Trans ensures important and challenging capital projects are completed on time and on budget.

Our local and global project specialists work closely and collaboratively with clients to advise and expedite throughout the delivery process.

Advanced logistics technologies

EMO Trans’ extensive real-time reporting and tracking functions are available in a range of formats, including integration with in-house systems, to provide information to facilitate enabling the decision-making process.

Our integrated customs systems ensure that your shipments are seamlessly cleared on arrival and your cargo is available in the shortest turnaround time.

The system also offers simple one invoice billing with access to full online access to allow accounting departments to quickly and easily cross-reference each shipment against the invoice, which saves time and money on account reconciliations.

Warehousing and distribution capabilities

EMO Trans offers a range of secure storage options for both bonded and free goods.

We provide clients with real-time reporting that is not only accurate in your inventory but also both confirms and enhances your business planning and structures to your requirements.

EMO Trans Total Logistics Solution provides clients with a real-time, web-based track-and-trace system. Shipment milestones are automatically updated as they occur, and both you and your customers are able to download data from this database.

This shipment monitoring system can be expanded to capture additional fields and integrated seamlessly into existing in-house systems to facilitate monitoring operations.

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