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Inspections X-Ray and Testing (IXT) is Australia’s largest, privately owned, non-destructive testing (NDT) company that has serviced the oil and gas, power generation, and mining industries for more than 20 years.

We offer a wide range of NDT services, specialised solutions and advanced techniques for an array of industrial applications.

Our client base includes Decmil, Origin Energy, Glencore, Queensland Nickel and Xstrata.

Innovative non-destructive testing methods for mining applications

IXT’s experienced staff provides a personalised service and can perform various state-of-the-art non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques such as dye penetrant testing (PT), eddy current testing (ECT), magnetic particle testing (MPT), radiographic testing (RT), and ultrasonic testing (UT).

We offer a variety of specialised tube testing services such as near field testing (NFT), magnetic flux leakage (MFL), remote field testing (RFT), and internal rotating inspection (IRIS) ultrasound technology.

IXT also offers a series of advanced phased array NDT methods, including eddy current testing (ECA), ultrasonic weld testing, and ultrasonic corrosion mapping.

We support our inspection and certification services with an extensive range of NDT equipment, including digital video equipment, fibrescopes, X-ray radiographic imaging systems, thickness gauges, ultrasonic flaw detectors, and phased array ultrasonics.

Pressure vessel inspection services

IXT have been inspecting pressure vessels in accordance with AS3788 for more than 20 years and our inspectors are certified by the Australian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP) and NACE, along with the API 510 and API 570 programmes.

We test and inspect a wide range of components and on-site vessels in various environments, including coal seam gas (CSG), natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels, air receivers, pumps and line piping, and vacuum and transportable vessels.

External corrosion mapping services for pipelines

IXT have the experience and expertise to ensure internal or external deterioration of pipelines is accurately measured and calculated.

Our 3D Handyscan laser pipe scanner records corrosion dimensions, depth measurement and positions, as well as quickly scan areas with an accuracy of up to 50 microns.

It also estimates burst pressure calculations using methods based on ASME B31G code.

Once the pipeline wrapping has been removed, we scan both the external and internal surface using the HydroFORM phased array system. Results are subsequently emailed with 3D imaging and spreadsheet results, including an assessment in accordance with the ASME B31G code.

Positive material identification technologies

Positive material identification (PMI) enables the correct metal to be used in process systems that experience corrosive conditions, adverse temperatures and high levels of pressure.

IXT can verify weld metals, hot components or areas with restricted access.

PMI can be an integrated into an on-site quality assurance (QA) system to ensure the correct components are received and installed.

Our Portable XRF scanner is also suitable whenever instant soil or ore analysis is required.

Inspection and certification of cranes and lifting equipment

Government legislation throughout Australia indicates that lifting equipment must be regularly inspected by qualified inspectors, and that project and mine entry access now requires safety certificates.

IXT conducts inspections according to global standards and carries the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) endorsement to ensure the highest level of quality.

Our experienced staff can test components or equipment such as forklift tyres or tower cranes. We have inspected machinery from a wide range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Hitachi, Hyundai, Komatsu, Liebherr and Volvo.

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