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Barrick-Randgold: how will gold mining’s biggest merger shape the industry?

The $18bn mega-merger of Barrick Gold and Randgold Resources was one of the mining industry’s biggest earth-moving moments in 2018. Are M&As simply a logical choice for mining companies looking to pool expertise and cut down on costs? Or do they go deeper, providing crucial technological opportunities for unprecedented mining operations?

Hot prospects: the biggest mining mergers to rock the industry

With annual revenues often in the tens or even hundreds of billions, mining companies are big business. When mergers or acquisitions occur, they create some of the largest mining powerhouses in the world and can have an everlasting impact on the industry. Here are six of the biggest mining mergers in history.

The future of mining: eight bold industry predictions

The mining landscape is changing. The industry’s deeply ingrained conventional views of the mining sector that served companies so well in the past are no longer likely to succeed in the future.

History of mining: five of the oldest mines still in operation

While mining is nothing new, with archeologists finding evidence that the history of mining goes back to the ancient world, it is rare these days to find mines that have continued to produce on a commercial scale. Here are some of the oldest mines still in operation.

Studying the health effects of underground coal dust

A new study shows that current regulations aren’t doing enough to control exposure to coal dust and that more needs to be done to reverse an unexpected rise in coal-related lung disease in the US. Talal Husseini digs into the report to understand the challenges in stopping the rise of black lung