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Scarlett Evans is a staff writer, covering energy and mining-related news.

Scarlett Evans

A “brilliant recovery”: the Global Diamond Industry Report 2021-22

We delve into Bain & Co’s report with the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, looking at how the industry has recovered from the pandemic’s lows.

Exodigo, the new face of subsurface mapping

We speak to subsurface mapping company Exodigo about the implications its technology may have for how miners explore novel terrains.

Australia’s new gold rush? The post-pandemic gold industry

As post-pandemic demand for gold picks up, the industry is only expected to go from strength to strength, with Australia a central player.

“Deeply disturbing” – the cult of bullying in Rio Tinto and beyond

In an industry first, Rio Tinto has reviewed workplace culture and psychological safety, offering quantifiable examples of abuse at its sites.

International Women’s Day Q&A: How mining’s changing landscape is making way for greater gender diversity

We speak with researcher, mining engineer, and professor Dr Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart about her experiences in the world of mining.

Yamal-Europe gas flow jumps four-fold amid Ukraine attack

The Russian invasion on Thursday this week has sent energy markets spinning, and concerns over tightening supplies rising.

Biden announces plan to boost investment into domestic supply chains

The news comes roughly a year after the president announced his intentions to make domestic supply chain independence his priority.

Germany backs out of Nord Stream 2, following Ukraine invasion

The subsea pipeline has been in the works for months, though it has been pitted with delays as nations question the reliance on Russia for power.

Glencore sets aside $1.5bn to settle bribery probes

Investigations into corruption at Glencore have been underway since 2018, as the firm faces allegations of bribery and market manipulation.

Non-profit set up to explore lunar resources

Airbus, Air Liquide, and ispace Europe have announced their collaboration to form EURO2MOON, a non-profit platform established to explore and develop lunar resources.