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Mexican Mining Industry Forecasts to 2015

Mexico is a mineral rich country which has one of the largest concentrations of metals and minerals in Latin America and is a leading producer of silver, bismuth, lead and zinc. Leading on from growth in the review period, the Mexican mining industry is expected to continue growing in the forecast period.

Ukrainian Mining Sector: Forecasts to 2015

Economic expansion and the Ukraine’s hosting of the 2012 UEFA Euro football cup has improved the outlook for the mining industry. According to a recent study conducted by ICD Research, the expansion of key end-user markets will continue to drive the demand for minerals such as iron and manganese, which will fuel the growth of the Ukrainian mining industry in coming years.

Australian Mining Industry Forecast to 2015

Australia is one of the largest mineral producers in the world and holds large reserves of various minerals. Australia managed to avoid recession in the review period and as a result, its mining industry is expected to grow from 2009–15, driven by planned infrastructure projects and export demands from China.