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Advantages of 5G: What do next-gen mobile networks offer?

what does 5G offer consumers that current mobile networks don’t already and what are the advantages of 5G over 4G networks?

Do you have one of the four leadership personas needed to succeed in the digital age?

With the world’s leaders congregating in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum this week, Deloitte has released its annual Readiness Report: Success Personified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which looks into how prepared businesses are for digital disruption.

30 startups to watch in 2019: Are these the tech giants of tomorrow?

Facebook was born out of a dorm room, Airbnb was founded by three friends forced to rent out part of their home to pay rent, and Apple was formed by two college dropouts in one of their parents’ garage. The leading startups of today weren’t always the multi-billion dollar enterprises that they are today.

Collection 1 data breach: Do hackers have your passwords after 773m data dump?

Troy Hunt, founder of data breach database Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP), has discovered a list of 773m email and password combinations being shared between hackers online for the purposes of credential stuffing and spam email campaigns.

What happens to the Bitcoin price following crypto exchange hacks?

New Zealand-based Cryptopia has become the latest cryptocurrency exchange to suffer a breach resulting in the loss of assets valued at $1.2m.

Health tech company SOPHiA GENETICS raises $77m to fund data-driven diagnosis push

SOPHiA GENETICS, a leading health tech company, will use the investment to grow the number of hospitals that it serves globally.

8 in 10 driving professionals likely to lose their jobs to automation – here are the roles most at risk

There is no shortage of studies detailing the disruptive impact that automation will have on jobs, with many predicting job losses and the need for radically altered workplace skills.

Technology will make humans more productive (not unemployed) in 2019, Think Tank predicts

A treasure trove of historic organisation data will boost productivity in 2019, as businesses wake up to the benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into their workforce management practices.

Introducing London Blue, the criminal organisation targeting CFOs with a scam email campaign

Cyber threat detection company Agari has warned of a criminal organisation in possession of a list containing the contact details of 50,000 top business professionals, which is being used to trick large businesses into handing over money willingly.