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Isabeau van Halm is a data journalist based in London. She has previously worked as editor of a local newspaper and is a graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Master’s. Contact Isabeau at: isabeau.vanhalm [at]

Endless expansion: how will China’s coal investments affect its energy mix? 

Permitting of new coal power plants accelerated dramatically in China in 2022, according to new analysis. Isabeau van Halm asks if this will necessarily mean increased emissions.

Why the world finds itself in a Greenland ‘gold rush’

Melting ice in Greenland is exposing the country’s critical mineral resources. Mining companies, governments and billionaires are all eyeing the largely underexplored wealth.

Critical minerals: why there is no such thing as a just transition (yet)

The transition towards green technologies means demand for critical minerals is soaring. Energy Monitor spoke to Lesley Muñoz Rivera, an Indigenous activist from the Copiapó community in Chile, who is defending its territory against the mining of critical minerals.

Energy Monitor’s Critical Mineral Tracker

Will production keep up with demand for critical minerals? Track the global production of critical minerals with Energy Monitor’s Critical Mineral Tracker, updated quarterly. Scroll down to learn more.

Data insight: the EU’s import reliance for critical materials for wind energy is 77%

The EU has an import reliance of 77% on average for the extraction of critical materials needed for wind energy. In addition, 54% of critical materials processing is done outside the bloc.

Zimbabwe joins the wave of resource nationalism

Zimbabwe banned the exports of raw lithium ores in 2022, and then banned the exports of all raw mineral ores this year. Isabeau Van Halm explores the latest example of a wave of critical mineral resource nationalism.

The nickel price rollercoaster of 2022

Following an unprecedented price surge in March, nickel saw quick price swings in mid-November. Isabeau Van Halm considers why the market remains volatile.

Stumbling towards the last frontier: greater hesitancy for deep-sea mining

Greenpeace, the WWF and other environmental organisations were already calling for a global mortarium on deep-sea mining. Now, as Isabeau Van Halm writes, governments are joining them.

“Lifting the lid”: how the Australian mining industry can address workplace sexual abuses

The Australian government wants to attract more women to the mining industry, but to do so, writes Isabeau Van Halm, it will need to address widespread sexual harassment first.

Why the Australian mining industry needs to address workplace culture

The Australian government wants to attract more women to the mining industry. But to do so, it will need to address widespread sexual harassment first.