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Inside a new toolkit for finding copper

Researchers from the University of Exeter have developed a new “toolkit” for finding copper deposits

The Pentagon sets it sights on Australia’s critical minerals

We investigate a new move by the US Department of Defence to secure critical minerals, which could be a boon for Australia’s mining sector.

Renewable mining: can mining clean up its carbon footprint?

Mining remains one of the most energy-intensive industries in Australia. Can the industry clean up its carbon footprint?

Diversifying rare earths: inside Pensana’s Angolan and Yorkshire projects

Two newly approved rare earth projects could boost diversity of supply for the strategic minerals used in everything from mobile phones to wind turbines.

Automation and excess: El Teniente leads mining’s automation drive

Investment in autonomous mining technology is on the rise, with major projects opting for autonomous fleets.

A new deal: inside Australia and South Korea’s critical minerals strategy

A new strategic agreement between Australia and South Korea aims to strengthen the supply and demand of critical minerals between the two nations.

Once empowered, always empowered: tensions rise in South African mining

A recent high court judgement set aside key provisions relating to Black empowerment in South Africa’s controversial Mining Charter III.

Ending anonymous company ownership: the extractive sector takes action

For decades opaque companies have facilitated large-scale corruption, including in the mining and other extractive industries. Heidi Vella investigates a new initiative from Open Ownership and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative , which aims to empower governments to end the shady practise and support civil society in exposing wrongdoing.

New power, old power dynamics: the battle for land and lithium

We talk to political scientist Thea Riofrancos about the evolving power battle over land and lithium and how it can be more fairly managed.

Decarbonising mining: does the industry need a co-ordinated approach?

Some miners say that a lack of ‘effective’ standards is hindering progress in decarbonisation. Are they right?