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With more digitally forward mining companies, the industry will be on cloud nine

A mine that utilises cloud technology is better placed for safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Robotics – indispensable tools for the future of mining

A surefire way to improve safety is to remove human workers from hazardous areas.

Lithium and Chile: white gold and the El Dorado of the twenty-first century

The use of lithium is gaining popularity especially with an increase in the usage of lithium-ion batteries, and gaining the precious metal has its challenges.

How sustainable is the mining industry?

There are efforts by top companies towards their ESG agenda, but more on pollution ad deforestation should be done to advance their plans.

Robot wars: Mining supremacy is a matter of deploying robotics effectively

Robotics has led to optimised travel and operations, as well as automation on mine sites.

How can mining companies protect their OT networks?

The operational technology (OT) networks of mining operations are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.