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New mining frontiers: from the ocean floor to space

The future of mining is rapidly evolving, and new frontiers are opening such as deep-sea mining and extra-terrestrial resource exploration.

The renewable power revolution: A race for a cleaner tomorrow

Ørsted is seen as a company leading the charge in renewable energy.

IoT-empowered decarbonisation in the energy sector

The challenge of decarbonisation is growing for companies across the industrials sectors. Thematic Intelligence analyst Amalia Maiden explores how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can support companies in their efforts to monitor and reduce operational carbon emissions.

Killing for oil – the necessity of representation in climate action

The outrageous standards of justice in the initial decades of the 20th century have continued into the treatment of climate activists today.

COP27: Have we committed to our goals?

In general, the goal of COP27 centered around adaptive measures to save those that are in danger of the effects of climate change.

What in the world has happened since COP27?

Governments are being forced into action on ESG topics.

What does Biden’s executive order mean for worldwide AI regulation?

Regulators worldwide are designing and implementing AI legislation to keep up with technology’s pace of development.

M&A market performance suffered in Q3 2023

Deal activity was impacted by several factors including higher inflation and rising interest rates.

The cost of green energy: lithium mining’s impact on nature and people

Head of the environmental unit of Chile’s Atacama Indigenous Council, Francis Mandoca, states that lithium mines ruin one zone to satisfy another.

What asteroid mining will mean for resource-rich developing economies

The extraction of valuable minerals from our solar system may prove to be the most hotly contested aspect of the race to exploit space.