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What asteroid mining will mean for resource-rich developing economies

The extraction of valuable minerals from our solar system may prove to be the most hotly contested aspect of the race to exploit space.

Is KoBold Metals the key to the lithium-ion battery shortage?

The US firm is building a full-stack digital prospecting engine using computer vision, machine learning and data analysis to find critical materials.

UK strives to secure its own lithium supply amid geopolitical turmoil

The UK is making plans to have its own supply of lithium, so it can produce batteries that will be vital for the energy transition.

Generative AI – beyond the hype

A recent survey by Verdict Media shows that 73% of respondents either partially or fully understand Generative AI.

The minerals squeeze is coming—will the energy transition cope?

Energy transition objectives risk being delayed if critical mineral supply cannot meet future demand.

The EU must find a balance between critical mineral mining and ESG concerns

The EU cannot exclusively rely on internally produced raw materials, even with substantial mine development, as demand for minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel is predicted to surge in the coming years.

Lithium nationalisation: another step towards protectionism

In April 2023, Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced the country’s plan to nationalise its lithium mining industry to enable greater state control and prevent over-exploitation from foreign countries.

Successful Indonesian IPOs reveal the 2023 nickel market is soaring

Nickel is arguably among the major drivers of Indonesia’s economic development.

With more digitally forward mining companies, the industry will be on cloud nine

A mine that utilises cloud technology is better placed for safety, sustainability, and productivity.