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Senior writer at GMS, GlobalData. Previously feature writer at Just Style. TABBIE Honourable Mention winner. BA (Open) in English | BSc (Hons) in Geosciences. Also a graphic designer with certificates in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Lives by the beach.

Fi Forrest

How can battery metal mining meet demand and become more sustainable?

To reduce carbon emissions from transport, electric vehicles are viewed as a solution by governments around the world – but they need lithium-ion batteries. And the materials to make them requires the extraction of metals, notably lithium. We assess the data surrounding the key minerals used in battery production, and how operators can overcome mining challenges and increase the sustainability of operations.

Marketing pain management: targeting for success 

Part of a series on leading marketing pain points.
Marketing has seen some epic misfires in the last decade. What could possibly go wrong?

Transforming US energy landscape with hydrogen 

Hydrogen will play a significant role in reaching net zero, and hubs could be the key to unlocking its potential. With ambitious goals in sight for 2050, how is the US encouraging the growth of hydrogen hubs, generating funding and diversifying demand?

Renewable hydrogen: Decarbonisation is a “fundamental transition” requiring long-term planning

Analysts believe that renewable hydrogen, also known as green hydrogen, is the missing link between renewable power sources such as wind and solar, and hard-to-decarbonise sectors such as heavy-duty transport and industry. Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson, Global Strategic Advisor for Hydrogen and Dr Hans Dieter Hermes, Vice President Hydrogen at Worley, discuss how hydrogen can deliver on its promise, and why policymakers need to be planning for the next few decades.

A sword and shield: How technology helps RFT “deliver outcomes”

For Darren Wood, General Manager of leading Australian based road transport business Ron Finemore Transport (RFT), knowing its drivers are safe and protected from fatigue and distraction by sophisticated technology means his teams’ operations have one less thing to worry about.