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Ashima Sharma

Brazil’s indigenous infant mortality rate linked to illegal mining  

The infant mortality rate in Brazil’s largest reservation, Yanomami, has increased by 16% since 2022, spurred by mercury contamination from mining activities.

Wildfires force mining workers to suspend operations in Canada

The unusually dry spring has caused early wildfires, burning down 3.3 million hectares of land and affecting more than 100,000 people under evacuation orders.

Portugal approves lithium mine despite local opposition

The company hopes to produce 5,000tpa of lithium from Barroso, notably for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

BHP and Microsoft collaborate on AI in copper extraction

BHP Group estimates the world needs to double the copper supply in the next 30 years to keep pace with green technologies.

Australia bids to end dependence on China for lithium refining

Australia seeks to create a homegrown lithium refining industry with the help of the US Inflation Reduction Act, but competition from China will be tough.

From smart bands to exoskeletons: mining wearables prioritise a culture of workforce safety

Innovations in mining wearables are pushing the industry to comply with safety regulations. Ashima Sharma reports.

India to close 30 coal mines to transform land into forests, waterbodies

India has identified 30 coal mines where operations have concluded, proposing closure and transformation into environment and agriculture-friendly land.

Zimbabwe’s gold backed currency plan requires $100m of gold

Zimbabwe’s central bank will a issue gold-backed digital currency in an attempt to stablise its volatile dollar.

China’s coal imports from Australia reach three-year high

China’s coal imports from Australia have risen with increasing domestic demand for power generation and steel manufacture post lockdown.

Train shortages to drive up coal import costs in India

Despite an increase in domestic coal output, Indian industries depend on costly imports amid train shortages in the country.