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Ashima Sharma

Ashima is a staff journalist reporting on the global energy sector, with interests spanning across human rights, geopolitics, technology and climate resilience.

US Supreme Court rejects Exxon’s appeal to move Minnesota climate trial venue 

Court denies plea from ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and the American Petroleum Institute to move the trial to a federal court, helping Minnesota put industry on trial for deception.

India walks a tightrope with its coal future 

While the Indian government sends mixed signals about emissions targets, even critics agree that India has a genuine dilemma of meeting the growing energy demands in a country with the largest population in the world.

With phosphate mining, the threat of displacement returns to Kiribati

Australian mining company Centrex’s phosphate exploration in Banaba has islanders worried that their homeland will be destroyed again.

Metamorphoses of the mining helmet 

Debatable though it is, Franz Kafka is said to have developed the first hard hat for mine worker safety in 1912. Ashima Sharma looks into the shapes and form the hard hat has undergone over a century.  

Twin Metals appeals dismissed lawsuit to restore cancelled mining leases in US 

Twin Metals issued a statement calling the dismissal of mining leases an “unlawful federal agency action”.

“It is foolish to think we could ever remove our dependence on China”: Livent CSO

While the EU has launched financial incentives to build EV batteries domestically, China has an edge in existing processing and refining capacity.

Teck CEO “very confident” about selling company stake to JSW despite India-Canada geopolitical row

Teck Resources CEO says the company wants a continued partnership with India given that trade in steelmaking coal will only increase in the future.

Glencore traded 5,000 tonnes of Russian copper via Turkey: report

There are no sanctions on purchasing Russian metals; however, trade via third countries highlights Europe’s continued dependence on Russian commodities.

Cyanide to glycine: The chemical technology reducing use of cyanide in mining

Ashima Sharma speaks to Jackson Briggs, the senior product manager of leaching technologies at Draslovka on impact and scalability of the new glycine leaching technology in the mining industry.

Rio Tinto blasts another ancient rock shelter near Western Australia’s Pilbara 

Three years after the infamous Juukan Gorge blasting caused a global uproar for destroying Aboriginal heritage, Rio Tinto has blasted another shelter near Western Australia’s Pilbara.