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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Outback powerpack: how battery storage could be the future of Western Australian mining

As battery technology evolves, Andrew Tunnicliffe profiles some of the work being done to deploy the processes at some of Western Australia’s biggest mines.

On a roll: how nitrogen is fast becoming the tyre-filler of choice

Fires at mines are a common concern, but there are options to minimise the risk by reducing the use of oxygen.

Satellites in the south: creating space for mining innovations

What’s the difference between centimetres and metres? The answer is a lot, as the SouthPAN initiative looks set to prove.

Satellites in the south: making space for mining innovations

How does Australian mining measure up? The answer comes from space, as Andrew Tunnicliffe looks at the SouthPAN GPS satellite network.

“The potential to provide more”: inside British Columbia’s mining skills roadmap

Andrew Tunnicliffe asks how British Columbia’s Mining Skills Roadmap might help prepare the workforce for life in the mines of tomorrow.

The Australian innovators embracing cloud technology

Cloud-based technologies are heralding a new era of mining, from the way it’s done, who’s needed to do it and the skills they bring with them. Andrew Tunnicliffe takes a look.

Drilling for success: inside excavation innovation in mining

There are promising signs in mining, as one of the most critical elements of the industry – drilling – its committing to innovation and collaboration, as Andrew Tunnicliffe explains.

What next for Australia’s uranium mines?

As the world reignites its interest in nuclear power, the election of Anthony Albanese has drawn into question where Australian uranium mining might be headed. Andrew Tunnicliffe assesses the current climate and tries to untangle the issue.

To boldly go: around Sandvik’s latest innovations and acquisitions

The Sandvik Group, and in particular Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, has been a mainstay of the mining industry for generations. Andrew Tunnicliffe takes a look at some of its biggest recent collaborations and most ground-breaking technologies.

The role of mining in an energy crisis

We consider the inconsistent nature of renewable power and what this could mean for coal.