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Alex Blair

Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including conflict, geopolitics, defence and sport.

Why is the cost of Valentine’s Day gifts rising?

Commodity analyst Vivek Aggarwal dissects the elevated prices of gold and silver as demand skyrockets on Valentine’s Day.

IoT in Latin American mining – a solution to worker safety? 

As IoT tech is increasingly adopted by Latin American mining companies, experts question its capacity to ensure miners’ safety.

Q&A: Vigalab CEO José Reyes on IoT in Latin American mines

Reyes explains how IoT technology can bolster miners’ safety but emphasizes the dangers of intrusive monitoring.

Carmakers face fresh allegations of Uyghur forced labour in China

Human Rights Watch has accused Volkswagen, Tesla, BYD, Toyota and General Motors of forced labour in their aluminium supply chains.

Critical Mineral Geopolitics: Latin America’s untapped potential  

Latin America holds half the world’s lithium. How will increasing government control, foreign exploitation and a proposed Argentina-Chile-Bolivia alliance affect production?