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MINE Issue 95 | August 2020 Top

MINE Issue 95 | August 2020
In this issue: Funding Mongolia’s Tavan Tolgoi project, Covid-19’s impact on the copper glut, Murray Energy’s journey to bankruptcy, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 12 | July 2020 Top

MINE Australia Issue 12 | July 2020
In this issue: The future of fly-in fly-out workers, iron ore holds fast in troubled times, Tasmania defies production declines, and more.

MINE Issue 94 | July 2020 Top

MINE Issue 94 | July 2020
In this issue: Gold during the Covid-19 pandemic, Canadian miners and international law breaches, deadlock at New Zealand’s NZ$1bn sand mining project, and more.

MINE Issue 93 | June 2020 Top

MINE Issue 93 | June 2020
In this issue: The mining supply chain’s preparedness for crisis, Zambia formalises unregulated gold miners, a long way to go on dust inhalation, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 11 | May 2020 Top

MINE Australia Issue 11 | May 2020
In this issue: Drought’s impact on mining operations, mining majors avoiding climate regulation, the Wright family court case, and more.

MINE Issue 92 | May 2020 Top

MINE Issue 92 | May 2020
In this issue: Rhodium trades as the world’s most expensive mineral, Covid-19’s impact on the mining sector, Rio Tinto and Vale compete for the iron ore top spot, and more.

MINE Issue 91 | April 2020 Top

MINE Issue 91 | March 2020
In this issue: International arbitration’s role in mining, finding middle ground in the ASARCO strikes, the fraught world of mining insurance, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 10 | March 2020 Top

MINE Australia Issue 10 | March 2020
In this issue: Violence and crime at mine sites, Papua New Guinea’s complicated mining history, rehabilitating the Ranger uranium mine, and more.

MINE Issue 90 | March 2020 Top

Issue 90 | March 2020
In this issue: Bolivia’s lithium flats may be opening to foreign investment, the ICA’s new standard for sustainable copper production, Zimbabwe’s ‘use it or lose it’ policy, and more.

MINE Issue 89 | February 2020 Top

Issue 89 | February 2020
In this issue: Argentina reconsiders glacial mining regulations, Barrick’s 20-year partnership with Mali, the LME’s acceptance of artisanal mining, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 9 | January 2020 Top

MINE Australia Issue 9 | January 2020
In this issue: Are mines damaging the water supply in New South Wales, Australian uranium bounces back, Australia and the US’ rare-earth partnership, and more.

MINE Issue 88 | January 2020 Top

Issue 88 | January 2020
In this issue: The uncertain future of lithium mining, Japan’s mercurial mining industry, marine mining lessons learned from Namibia, cleaning up nickel mining, and more.

MINE Yearbook 2019 Top

MINE Yearbook 2019
In this issue: A look at the biggest mining stories from the past year.

MINE Australia Yearbook 2019 Top

MINE Australia Yearbook 2019
In this issue: A look at the biggest Australian mining stories from the past year.

MINE Issue 87 | December 2019 Top

Issue 87 | November 2019
In this issue: Mining’s impact on the Amazon, the UK’s dependancy on imported critical minerals, Poland’s continuing coal mining frenzy, preparing the supply chain for a world of automation, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 8 | November 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 8 | November 2019
In this issue: The influence of mining lobbyists, mapping operations in South Australia, the success of the Australian gold sector, and more.

Issue 85 | October 2019 Top

Issue 85 | October 2019
In this issue: We look at the impact international relations have on mining, the deepsea mining debate, how behavioural science can improve safety, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 7 | September 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 7 | September 2019
In this issue: We look at the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive, the safety of tailings dams, implementing industrial manslaughter laws in Queensland and more.

Issue 84 | September 2019 Top

Issue 84 | September 2019
In this issue: A look at the fortunes of silver, the positives of ASM, the complexities of military becoming involved in mining operations, and more.

Issue 83 | August 2019 Top

Issue 83 | August 2019
In this issue: Deepsea mining and technologies being developed for it, turning around Mexico’s mining meltdown, a look at the history of the LME, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 6 | July 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 6 | July 2019
In this issue: A look at the mining sector following the recent election, BHP the world’s most valuable mining brand, mining legend Sir Arvi Parbo’s life and more.

Issue 82 | July 2019 Top

Issue 82 | July 2019
In this issue: How mining lobbies are adapting for the modern world, Airobotics drones, a look at the best electric mining vehicles, and more.

Issue 81 | June 2019 Top

Issue 81 | June 2019
In this issue: The ins and outs of responsible financing, learning from the Queensland derailment, ABB’s mine optimisation solution, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 5 | May 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 5 | May 2019
In this issue: The new renewables projects at mine sites, Australia’s National Resources Statement, the changing fates of Western Australia, and more.

Issue 80 | May 2019 Top

Issue 80 | May 2019
In this issue: Nussir’s controversial new copper mine in Norway, the greatest risks artisanal miners face, bioleaching silver and gold, and more.

Issue 79 | April 2019 Top

Issue 79 | April 2019
In this issue: Alternative financing options for junior mining companies, the Goldcorp-Newmont-Barrick mega deal, the mining industry’s biggest challenge of 2019, and more.

MINE Australia Issue 4 | March 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 4 | March 2019
In this issue: The fortunes of mining in Tasmania, a closer look at Australia’s supermines, how the North Australia Infrastructure Fund is helping projects get off the ground, using drones to map underground tunnels, and more.

Issue 78 | March 2019 Top

Issue 78 | March 2019
In this issue: Is it better to build or buy a mine in the future, De Beers’ end-to-end diamond blockchain programme, Newfoundland and Labrador’s plan to grow its mining sector, giving miners across the world a voice, and more.

Issue 77 | February 2019 Top

Issue 77 | February 2019
In this issue: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the global demand for copper, how Nornickel is embracing digital technologies, the main objectives of the Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles programme, and more.

Issue 76 | January 2019 Top

Issue 76 | January 2019
In this issue: The final shape of South Africa’s mining charter, scrapping traceability fees in Rwanda, the Barrick-Randgold mega merger, the problem with developing uranium projects, using microwave energy in mineral extraction, and more.

MINE Australia January 2019 Top

MINE Australia Issue 3 | January 2019
In this issue: Australia’s new MinEx Cooperative Research Centre, strong forecast for metallurgical coal in Asia, mining the world’s meteor craters, a new downward-looking telescope that identifies strategic minerals, and more.

MINE Australia Yearbook December 2018 Top

MINE Australia Yearbook | December 2018
In this issue: We round up the biggest and best stories from across the sector in 2018, take a closer look at employment opportunities in Australia, find out how companies are making the most of the lithium boom, and more.

Yearbook 2018 Top

Yearbook | December 2018
In this issue: We look back on the mining industry in 2018, including shake ups in North Korea and Zimbabwe, the biggest stories in tech and commodities, environmental issues such as Canada’s sustainable initiative, and more.

December 2018 Top

Issue 75 | December 2018
In this issue: Mining for diamonds on the sea floor, opportunities for driverless vehicles, a closer look at the commodity antimony, creating real-time 3D visualisation for mines, the new Mandela mining precinct in South Africa, and more.

November 2018 Top

Issue 74 | November 2018
In this issue: Reviving gold mining in Wales, opening up the lithium triangle in South America, using big data to find minerals, a look inside the world’s first fully automated mine, the possibility of mining asteroids, and more.

MINE Australia – October 2018 Top

MINE Australia Issue 2 | October 2018
In this issue: Junior mining companies leading the charge in Australia, Volvo’s plans to use 5G mobile technology in autonomous operations, how miners can protect wildlife, the problem of recruiting staff to operations, and more.

OCtober 2018 Top

Issue 73 | October 2018
In this issue: Corruption in the gold mining supply chain in South America, new potential for graphene and graphite, why Mozambique is experiencing a mining boom, best practices for containing coal dust, and more.

September 2018 Top

Issue 72 | September 2018
In this issue: Preparing mining companies for cyberattacks, a pilot using 5G mobile technology for industrial applications, opening up North Korea’s mineral resources, critical minerals in the US, and more.

MINE Australia – August 2018 Top

MINE Australia Issue 1 | August 2018
In this issue: Inside the Resources 2030 Taskforce, Western Australia’s lithium hoard, sustainable projects, changing work environments, autonomous drilling, drones, blockchain, and more.

August 2018 Top

Issue 71 | August 2018
In this issue: China’s copper imports ban, Peru’s new president, the allure of Welsh gold, after Samarco, South African mine rehabilitation, lithium leaching, autonomous drilling, and more.

July 2018 Top

Issue 70 | July 2018
In this issue: Commodities of the future, China’s monopoly on cobalt, rebooting Cuba’s industry, stamping out self-bonding, BHP’s world coal association exit, predicting earthquakes, and more.

June 2018 Top

Issue 69 | June 2018
In this issue: Exploring Russia, platinum in Zimbabwe, the gemstone market, Anglo American’s sustainability, Michelin buys into conveyors, dealing with sexual misconduct, and more.

May 2018 Top

Issue 68 | May 2018
In this issue: Ramaphosa’s South Africa, Ukraine’s mining debts, capitalising on the commodities boom, making a mining brand, buying in to blockchain, investing in drones, and more.

April 2018 Top

Issue 67 | April 2018
In this issue: Underwater waste forms new deposits, tech dumps of secondary materials, evolution of mining machines, Canada’s sustainability, overhauling the DRC’s mining code, and more.

March 2018 Top

Issue 66 | March 2018
In this issue: Mining’s footprint in the Amazon, Mexico’s recovery, underwater robots for flooded deposits, digital risk and cybersecurity, training for automation, reinventing waste, and more.

February 2018 Top

Issue 65 | February 2018
In this issue: Tapping the Grand Canyon, Chinese firms in Africa, the UK’s mining map, embracing the Internet of Things, optimising mine design, rhodium rides high, and more.

January 2018 Top

Issue 64 | January 2018
In this issue: Mining moon minerals, a Canadian supercluster, rising exploration expenditures, AI and drones for operational excellence, vanadium’s time to shine, and more.

Yearbook 2017 Top

Special Issue | Yearbook 2017
In this issue:The biggest news stories, major projects, top performing commodities, breakthrough technologies of the year, the outlook for 2018, and more.

December 2017 Top

Issue 63 | December 2017
In this issue:The race to mine Afghanistan, Yukon infrastructure, streamlining Australia’s legislation, artisanal mining in South Africa, AI for exploration, locating buried deposits, and more.

November 2017 Top

Issue 62 | November 2017
In this issue:Cyanide makes for clean gold, Grasberg mine’s struggles, China’s environmental tax, Cornish lithium, titanium in Greenland, cobalt batteries, and more.

October 2017 Top

Issue 61 | October 2017
In this issue:State-financed mines, Trump’s “amazing results” for miners, land rights in New Zealand, Industry 4.0, long-distance remote mining, Portland stone goes underground, and more.

September 2017 Top

Issue 60 | September 2017
In this issue: Boosting black ownership, corruption in Uganda, seafloor mining, automated drill rigs, real-time ore analysis, mine rescue response procedures, and more.

August 2017 Top

Issue 59 | August 2017
In this issue: Mining under Macron, Australia’s Iron Road, legitimising mica in India, De Beers to go carbon neutral, ICMM talks falling fatalities, the shrinking talent pool, and more.

July 2017 Top

Issue 58 | July 2017
In this issue: China strikes gold record, the US coal comeback, mining in Mali, new mineral formations, a case for sand mining, the International Collegiate Mining Competition, and more.

June 2017 Top

Issue 57 | June 2017
In this issue: Industry titans search for new leaders, Mongolia expands exploration, Australia’s iron ore tax, prospects for palladium, genomics and mine waste, award-winning hoisting, and more.

May 2017 Top

Issue 56 | May 2017
In this issue: The amber industry trapped in tragedy, a $1m competition to disrupt mining, lithium in Cornwall, forgotten minerals, using drones for site surveys, the evolution of mining apps, and more.

April 2017 Top

Issue 55 | April 2017
In this issue: Obama’s parting shot at coal, the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame, inching towards automation, Indonesia’s new regulations, ICMM’s water management commitments, profiling cobalt, and more.

March 2017 Top

Issue 54 | March 2017
In this issue: The mission to mine on Mars, a war on man-made diamonds, illegal mining in Pakistan, managing microbes at sites, new end-of-life technologies, analysing market risks, and more.

February 2017 Top

Issue 53 | February 2017
In this issue: Canada’s foreign human rights record, prospecting in Ecuador, finding new minerals, neutralising mine acid waste, tracing Australia’s METS sector journey, airborne medics in Africa, and more.

January 2017 Top

Issue 52 | January 2017
In this issue: Raising capital in 2017, Iran’s market post-sanctions, the growth of Canadian junior miners, supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, CAT after Oberhelman’s departure, GE’s digital mine, and more .

December 2016 Top

Issue 51 | December 2016
In this issue: The Philippines shutting down mining, Namibia’s growth, tin excavation in the DRC, MIT’s smelting discovery, Hexagon increases driver safety, inside the first Hackathon event, and more.

November 2016 Top

Issue 50 | November 2016
In this issue: Accelerating mining tech in Russia and innovation in Australia, setting a standard for artisanal mining, the potential for a global copper shortage, a new outlook for chemical extraction techniques, the Evolution of mine scheduling software, and more.

October 2016 Top

Issue 49 | October 2016
In this issue: The future of the underground mining equipment sector, Wealth Minerals talks about its strategy, a look inside Peru’s Fairtrade-certified gold mine, reviving Egypt’s ancient gold mines, the next step in UK seafloor mining, managing wastewater and more.

September 2016 Top

Issue 48 | September 2016
In this issue: Sierra Leone’s new diamond project, the human cost of illegal gold, the MSHA push to reach zero harm, Anglo American’s safety culture, industry-wide changes in Kenyan mining, sifting through Sweden’s remaining minerals, Australia’s boost from scandium, and more.

August 2016 Top

Issue 47 | August 2016
In this issue: Goldcorp’s massive data hack, rare earth minerals in Greenland, inside the world’s biggest copper mine, Rio Tinto’s driverless problems, Anglo American’s hold on De Beers, the latest in mining simulation technologies, and more.

July 2016 Top

Issue 46 | July 2016
In this issue: How augmented reality is changing mining practices, tackling corruption in India with technology, turning Zambia’s copper into a goldmine, re-emergence of black lung, Carmichael coal mine, future supplies of phosphorus, and more.

June 2016 Top

Issue 45 | June 2016
In this issue: Integra Gold’s crowdsourced gold rush challenge and the commodity’s performance in the market, a record-breaking mine blast, locating raw mineral resources across Europe, setting standards of safety in Russia and fair trade globally, and more.

May 2016 Top

Issue 44 | May 2016
In this issue: Balancing responsible nickel mining with Madagascar’s delicate environment, a new way to discover copper deposits, mining in the world’s most adverse conditions, airborne electromagnetic surveys, British Columbia’s land access laws, enforcing EPA rules and more.

April 2016 Top

Issue 43 | April 2016
In this issue: Oyu Tolgoi’s struggle to reach production, Rio Tinto’s driverless sites, excavating conflict mineral tantalum, the collapse of Arch Coal, thermal fragmentation to refine ore yields, mentoring for female workers and innovators, and more.

March 2016 Top

Issue 42 | March 2016
In this issue: Transforming Myanmar’s jade mining industry, debating a global moratorium on coal projects and its future as a relic of the past, Tesla’s struggle to source lithium, the latest developments in mine waste storage, Boart Longyear’s drilling system, and more.

February 2016 Top

Issue 41 | February 2016
In this issue: Unlocking India’s resource potential, South Africa’s landmark silicosis trial, an outlook for alumina, potash mining in the UK, Canada’s mining strategy under Prime Minster Trudeau, the legacy of the Jameson Cell and more.

December 2015 Top

Issue 40 | December 2015
In this issue: The rise and fall of Glencore Xstrata, cleaning up New Mexico’s abandoned mines, trouble for platinum mining in South Africa, a look inside Canada’s mining innovation hub, removing cyanide from processing and more.

November 2015 Top

Issue 39 | November 2015
In this issue: unlocking new sources of rare earth elements, the changing tides of tin, developing a strategy for deep-sea mining, how mining companies diversify as commodity prices drop, training the next generation of engineers, and more.

October 2015 Top

Issue 38 | October 2015
In this issue:How a Chinese manufacturing downturn will affect commodity prices, boosting processing efficiency with real-time sensor tech, the latest in simulation training, how Tanzania can make the most of its tanzanite resources, addressing the skills shortage in South America, and more

September 2015 Top

Issue 37 | September 2015
In this issue: A new approach for collaboration between majors and juniors, electronic platforms as a solution to potential collusion, sub-Saharan Africa’s safe haven, protecting the Australian workforce, and more

August 2015 Top

Issue 36 | August 2015
In this issue: EU tackles the trade in conflict minerals, Australia’s iron ore tactics, China and the ‘rare earths crisis’, Amur Mineral’s Russian feat, seabed mining controversy, and more.

July 2015 Top

Issue 35 | July 2015
In this issue: Boosting mining in Europe, Australia’s varying policies on uranium mining, improving gender diversity, conflict in Peru, mountaintop removal coal mining, and more.

June 2015 Top

Issue 34 | June 2015
In this issue:The growing market for bulk material handling products and technologies, nickel-containing car batteries to the rescue, Japan and Australia’s economic partnership agreement, mothballing mines, and more.

May 2015 Top

Issue 33| May 2015
In this issue: Sized for success in today’s market, heavyweights return looking for new deals, the rise and fall of iron ore, South Australia catches up, Indonesia turns former mine into botanical garden, and more.

April 2015 Top

Issue 32 | April 2015
In this issue: In this issue: Electric vehicles draw increased interest, turning methane gas into electricity in South Africa, corporate social responsibility in Canada, increased M&A activity expected in Australia, and more.

March 2015 Top

Issue 31 | March 2015
In this issue: The price of gold mining in South America, Haiti’s resource potential, a positive outlook for zinc, autonomous drilling with Sandvik, resource nationalism on the map, Spain’s controversial Los Frailes mine reopening, and more.

February 2015 Top

Issue 30| February 2015
In this issue: Unlocking the potential of Canada’s Ring of Fire, new prospects for tin mining in the UK, the risks and rewards of space exploration, tackling false environmental reporting in the US, Bentley’s new MineCycle software applications, a recruitment outlook for the year, and more.

January 2015 Top

Issue 29| January 2015
In this issue:Incentives for explorers in Canada’s Northwest Territories, Afghanistan’s mining future, new power automation software from ABB, Glencore’s ambitious investment strategy, the frac sand mining boom and more.

December 2014 Top

Issue 26 | December 2014
In this issue: challenges and opportunities for graphite, Vale and ABB’s mine automation project, keeping temperatures low underground with a new approach to ice cooling, mitigating Ebola risks in mining operations, and more.

November 2014 Top

Issue 26 | November 2014
In this issue: Assessing the top mining business risks, Goldcorp’s journey from lows to highs, Kazakhstan’s promising mining future, the potential of geosynthetics for mining operations, innovative mine restoration projects around the world and more.

October 2014 Top

Issue 26 | October 2014
In this issue: a positive outlook for gold, when emerging markets have emerged, the future of the DRC as a mining destination, a unique approach to mine pollution in Chile, Saudi Arabia’s move into mining, the iron sand controversy in New Zealand continues, and more.

September 2014 Top

Issue 25 | September 2014
In this issue: Bolivia’s rocky road to reform, the rise of palladium, a new era of automated underground mining, London’s leading position in mining finance, innovation in mobile mining apps, the impact of gold mining in Peru and more.

August 2014 Top

Issue 24 | August 2014
In this issue: The uncertain future of silver, Sierra Leone’s industry beyond the infamous diamonds, lessons learned from the Soma mine disaster, innovations in underground communications, metal-mining plants and more.

July 2014 Top

Issue 23 | July 2014
In this issue: Chile’s challenged copper industry, ex-Xstrata CEO Mick Davis bounces back with X2 Resources, Canada’s efforts to attract new workers to underground jobs, California’s ban on suction dredge mining and more.

June 2014 Top

Issue 22 | June 2014
In this issue: Mexico cracks down on illegal mining cartels, new tech for material handling, worker safety in Australia, mining litigation in Canada and more

May 2014 Top

Issue 21 | May 2014
In this issue: Using big data for better equipment maintenance, why infrastructure is becoming increasingly important to investors in East African iron ore projects, new technology to improve safety in ultra-deep mining and more

April 2014 Top

Issue 20 | April 2014
In this issue: Indonesia’s export gamble, Canada’s push into the rare earth metals market, LNG-fuelled engines for mining trucks, holistic conveyor belt monitoring, increasing yields from complex ores and more.

March 2014 Top

Issue 19 | March 2014
In this issue: Greenland’s mining future, innovation in exploration and drilling technology, Scotland’s controversial new mine project, extracting uranium from wastewater, global recruitment trends, and more.

February 2014 Top

Issue 18 | February 2014
In this issue: Corporate social responsibility in junior mining companies, the market for barite, drilling innovation for Australia, the benefits of geographic information systems, the controversy of mountaintop removal mining in Central Appalachia, and more.

January 2014 Top

Issue 17 | January 2014
In this issue: Australia’s unexplored reserves, how Kenya is kick-starting its nascent mining industry, investor prospects in Myanmar, trends in green mining technology, the race for bauxite, and more

December 2013 Top

Issue 16 | December 2013
In this issue: Mitigating risks in mining, South Africa’s strategic move, a new portable power solution for mines, the importance of rail infrastructure for effective mining operations, the future of Zimbabwe’s industry, the controversy surrounding ironsand mining in South Taranaki, and more

November 2013 Top

Issue 15 | November 2013
In this issue: The driving forces behind Europe’s mining revival, the MINE Awards 2013, how a new approach to blast design could help improve rock blasting techniques, a collaborative effort for skills development in Canada, new ideas for post-mining land rehabilitation, the world’s deepest open-pit mines, and more

October 2013 Top

Issue 14 | October 2013
In this issue: What Mexico’s policy reforms will mean for the mining industry, the economic impact of gold, how the break-up of the world’s largest potash mining cartel will affect the market, a new technology that claims to revolutionise the production of sought-after metals, how Caterpillar tackles the element of human error with a fatigue monitoring system for vehicles, and more

September 2013Top

Issue 13 | September 2013
In this issue: How new underground technology is helping companies maximise efficiency, the potential treasures hidden in small fault lines, how predictable maintenance can reduce downtime of critical equipment, what the industry is doing to make water management more sustainable, new insights about post-mining restoration in the Amazon, and more.

August 2013Top

Issue 12 | August 2013
In this issue: Which changes are needed to turn Africa’s commodity wealth into economic growth, the future of uranium mining in Western Australia, new technologies to make mining more environmentally friendly, the world’s largest haul truck, women in the mining industry talk about progress in closing the gender gap, and more.

July 2013Top

Issue 11 | July 2013
In this issue: An unusual initiative in Australia aims to boost miners’ awareness of health and safety, a new slope failure modelling technology could help predict landslides, why the Upper Big Branch investigation raises questions for regulators attempting to prevent future disasters, a new funding model brings crowdfunding to the mining industry, how plummeting gold prices could affect the industry, and more

June 2013Top

Issue 10 | June 2013
In this issue: Data management tools for mining operations, M&A trends in 2013, the challenges emerging from Latin America’s mining boom, a new licensing regime for seabed mining, and more.

May 2013Top

Issue 9 | May 2013
In this issue: Automated technologies for materials handling, the race for resources in outer space, why demand is rising for mine security, how a lack of regulation could affect the silica sand mining boom in the US, the challenges of assessing environmental impact of mining operations in fragile ecosystems, and more.

April 2013Top

Issue 8 | April 2013
In this issue: Making OTR tyres last longer, a new system for automated mineshaft inspection, ups and downs in commodities, what new, stricter regulations could mean for the mining boom in Mongolia, the long-term effects of the mining ban in Goa, and more

March 2013Top

Issue 7 | March 2013
In this issue: Innovative drilling technology for South Africa’s gold mines, forecasts for gold and silver, the race for rare earth metals, Australia’s flawed mining tax, Greece’s troubled new gold mine project, and more

February 2013Top

Issue 6 | February 2013
In this issue: Reducing the impact of mining on the environment and local communities, specialist drilling in remote locations, risks faced by producers operating in South Africa, gender equality in the mining industry, and more.

January 2013Top

Issue 5 | January 2013
In this issue: Mine-mapping in challenging terrain with unmanned aerial vehicles, the mining industry’s digital revolution, cloud computing solutions, the dangerous work of Mongolian gold miners, mine project updates, and more.

November 2012Top

Issue 4| November 2012
In this issue: The most advanced sampling tools | Mineral-munching microbes mine metals | Opening up Latin America | Why good management practices are key to safety | Australia’s top copper deals and projects | Global recruitment trends…and more!

September 2012Top

Issue 3| September 2012
In this issue: The world’s most exciting untapped deposits, new technologies for extracting coal, Planetary Resources’ ambitious quest to mine asteroids, and much more.

July 2012 Top


Issue 2 | July 2012
In this issue: The industry’s best safety technology, a world-first mobile gas lab, post-accident wireless communication, minerals of the future, soil restoration, and more.

May 2012 Top

Issue 1 | May 2012
In this issue: The ultimate mining machinery, breakthroughs in autonomous systems, the vast resources of the BRICS countries and Mongolia, Australia’s skills shortage, and more.

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